Find the Best Mobile Data Plan for Your Family

Family and shared wireless plans compared

A family or shared wireless plan can save you money when you have multiple devices. Wireless carriers, however, offer a confusing array of mobile plans, and they tend to change them often, so it's not always easy to compare plans. Here, however, is a breakdown of which plans are best for your household, based on different needs (note: these are comparing family wireless plans. See this data plan comparison to find the best plan for individuals).

Best Completely Unlimited Data Plan: T-Mobile (starts at $120/month)

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What We Like

  • Reliable 4G support in most locations.

  • Clear and upfront pricing model.

What We Don't Like

  • Limited coverage in rural areas.

  • Hotspot speed is capped at 3G.

As with the individual plans comparison, T-Mobile has recently overtaken Sprint for this top spot, thanks to its revamped mobile plans highlighting truly unlimited data (no metering, overage fees, or throttled data speeds). Sprint's cheapest data plan for families is $149.99 a month for smartphones, with unlimited data and unlimited messaging, plus 1500 shared minutes for talk; or for unlimited everything, $210 for 2 lines are included. T-Mobile's new family plans, by comparison, are much cheaper: Just $120 for two lines with unlimited talk, messaging, and text ($50 for the first phone line, $30 for the second, and $20 each for unlimited data). Instead of unlimited data, you can also get 2GB of data for $10. Additional lines are $10 each plus an additional $20 each for the unlimited data. Also, there are no contracts and mobile hotspot is included.

Best for: Families who use a lot of data (download or upload a lot of files, stream videos on the go, etc.) and don't want to worry about their data being incapacitated by slow speeds.

Cheapest Unlimited Everything for 2 Lines: MetroPCS (starts at $80/month)

MetroPCS. MetroPCS

What We Like

  • Uses the same network as T-Mobile, so it's equally reliable.

  • Regularly runs promotions for dirt cheap phone plans.

What We Don't Like

  • No ability to stream HD video.

  • Most plans and phones must be purchased in-store.

MetroPCS' affordable no-contract plans for families are pretty much the same as they are for individuals, except you can save $5 more a month per line up to 5 lines. The cheapest unlimited talk, text, and data plan is only $40 a month; after 2.5GB a month of data, data is throttled to slower speeds. A $45/month per line plan adds 411 directory assistance and international text messaging.

Best for: People looking for the cheapest "unlimited" plan to share, who don't use a lot of data.

Cheapest Plan for More than 2 Lines: T-Mobile (starts at $120/month)

T-Mobile. T-Mobile

What We Like

  • Some plans include Netflix, Gogo Inflight internet, and other free services.

  • Optional scam-block feature blocks robocalls.

What We Don't Like

  • Works better in urban areas.

  • The family plan is an overall better deal.

T-Mobile offers the best value when adding more than two lines because each additional line (up to 3 beyond the two included) is only $10 a month. The unlimited data (up to 2GB before throttling) plan with 1000 talk minutes and unlimited texting, for example, is $119.98 per month for two users; add two more users and it's $149.98/month. By comparison, four users on MetroPCS would be $160 and on Sprint's anytime minutes plan, $189.97.

An unlimited talk plan on T-Mobile is available for $20 more a month. There are also cheaper data plans with 200MB of data included, but that may not be enough for two people to share.

Best for: 3 or more shared lines.

Possibly a Good Value Depending on Your Needs: Verizon (price varies)

Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless. Verizon Wireless

What We Like

  • Excellent network speed and coverage.

  • "Safety mode" option helps you avoid data overage charges.

What We Don't Like

  • Can be pricier than other options depending on the plan.

  • Differences between plans can be difficult to understand.

Verizon's family plans right now are a la carte, as with the individual line plans. This makes comparing the family plans' value to other providers a bit more confusing. One one hand, if you only need the bare minimum of features--700 talk minutes, pay-as-you-go text messaging, and 2GB data allowance--Verizon's shared plans are the cheapest: $99.98. But comparing apples to apples (or Sprint and T-Mobile to Verizon), with the higher 1400 minutes talk and adding unlimited messaging for the family, Verizon isn't as inexpensive anymore: $149.98/month. Additional lines (up to 3) are $9.99 each.

Verizon's new Share Everything plan, launching June 28, 2012, shares a bucket of data with multiple devices (up to 10). Current customers can either keep their current unlimited data plans--if they pay for their cell phones in full--or switch to this new shared plan. The way the plan is structured, it's a bit confusing to know if this is a good value or not for multiple people--pricing is conditional on the type and number of devices you have. For example, each smartphone is $40 a month, regular phones $30, hotspots and notebooks $20, and tablets $10. Then there's a base amount for the amount of data and unlimited talk and text: the cheapest $50 tier comes with 1GB of data, $60 a month comes with 2GB.

To compare with T-Mobile and Sprint: on Verizon, if you have two smartphones and want 2GB of data, it'll be $140 a month. On Sprint it's $209.98 a month but unlimited data. On T-Mobile, it's $139.98--the same as Verizon, but cheaper if you add a third or more lines.

Confused yet? You're not alone. In the end, you may need to use Verizon's Share Everything calculator to see if this makes sense for your needs.

What About AT&T?


What We Like

  • Plans include the WatchTV app with 30 channels.

  • Lots of other add-ons to choose from.

What We Don't Like

  • Expensive activation fees.

  • Smaller network than other providers.

As with its individual plans, AT&T's family plans are also a la carte. They're still a bit more pricey than other providers' options. Each line needs a data plan, at $30/month for 3GB each. Then you can add voice minutes, starting at $59.99 per month for 550 minutes (up to 3 lines), $69.99/month for 700 minutes, or $89.99/month for 1400 minutes. So for the 1400 minutes plan, it's $149.99 per month--but that's not even including messaging yet.