How to Find Somebody's Email Address Using

When You're Looking for the Last Resort

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A Last Resort

After you have gone to great lengths trying to find somebody's email address — there's no way to ask for it personally (like calling them, sending them paper mail, using their college email address, or contacting a mutual friend), you've searched the Web, you've turned your house and emails upside down, you've even set up a website — without success, you can turn to a last resort: is a Usenet newsgroup where you can ask for help locating somebody you believe to have an email address (or another form of online presence).

Find Somebody's Email Address Using

To look for somebody's email address with the help of

  • Read the "Tips on using" posting in that newsgroup.
    Post a message to asking for help.
  • Include as much detail (both relevant and seemingly irrelevant) as possible that can serve as a hint for others knowing (somebody who knows) the person.
  • Be sure to include a valid email address by which you can be reached. Even if somebody knows the address of the person you are looking for, they'll not post it to Usenet.

Good luck!