How to Find Someone's Email Address Using ""

Leverage internet users to help you find someone's email account

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It's easy to think that finding someone's email address is dead simple given that most of us have submitted our own email address somewhere online that's probably easy to find, but it's not always just a quick search-and-grab.

If you've already looked for an email address through a web search and on their social media profile, then there might not be much more to do than usher in the help of someone else, particularly the people over at

What Is is a newsgroup on Google Groups where people can post an email address for help finding more information on it, but it's also used to ask help in finding the email address of someone when all you have is some other form of identification.

For example, you might find a question like "Can someone help me find the email address of this person's Twitter account?". From there, any other member can research the information given by the asker, and then reply back with the email address that comes up from their research.

Some users might post an email address and ask who it belongs to, which is essentially a reverse email address lookup where members can help find the owner of a particular email address or find any related social media profiles that have that address listed as contact information.

How to Use to Find an Email Address

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Use the NEW TOPIC button to start.
  3. In the Subject line, enter a question that pertains to what you're after, but leave most of the information for the message's body.
  4. In the much larger text area below the Subject field, type all the details you can give about the email address you're looking for.
    1. Include any social media profiles or websites that you think might be associated, including any names, nicknames, or other related information.
  5. Optionally change the By field to be a different name than your own.
  6. Make sure to include an email address so that users can contact you with any answers.