How to Find the Serial Number on a MacBook

Don’t know your serial number? Find it with one of these three methods

What to Know

  • Navigate to the Apple menu > About This Mac and look near the bottom of the Overview tab.
  • If your MacBook doesn't turn on, flip it over, and the serial number can be found printed on the bottom.
  • On the web: go to the Apple ID account website, select Devices, and select your MacBook to see the serial number.

This article explains how to find a MacBook's serial number if you have your MacBook and it turns on; it doesn’t turn on; and even if you no longer have it.

How to Find the Serial Number of a MacBook

Each MacBook has a unique serial number, and you can find the serial number in a handful of different locations. Here are the most accessible places to find your serial number:

  • About This Mac: The serial number is on the About This Mac screen's overview tab. If your Mac is already on, try this method.
  • On the bottom of your MacBook: The serial number is printed on the bottom side of your MacBook. If the printing hasn’t worn off, this is the easiest method of finding your serial number.
  • On the Apple ID account website: If you don’t have access to your MacBook, or it won’t turn on, you can log into the Apple ID account website to view the serial numbers of every Apple device you have registered.

While there are other ways, like running a system report or looking on the box your MacBook came in, these are the three most straightforward ways that work for pretty much every situation.

How to Find Your MacBook Serial Number in About This Mac

The Apple menu in macOS provides easy access to an About This Mac screen. If you have access to your MacBook, and it turns on, this is a simple way to find the serial number.

  1. Click the Apple menu icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

    The Apple menu icon highlighted in macOS.
  2. Click About This Mac.

    About This Mac highlighted in the Apple menu in macOS.
  3. Located at the bottom of the information on the Overview tab, you’ll find your serial number.

    The serial number of a Mac listed in About This Mac.

    If About This Mac doesn't automatically open the correct tab, just click Overview.

How to Find the Serial Number of a MacBook That Won’t Turn On

If your MacBook won’t turn on, the easiest way to find the serial number is to flip it over and look at the bottom. As long as the print there hasn’t rubbed off, you’ll find the serial number listed along with assembly, voltage, and safety compliance information.

  1. Flip your MacBook over so the bottom is facing up.

  2. Look for text on the bottom of the MacBook. It may be located near the middle, near the top, or elsewhere.

    The bottom side of a MacBook Air.
  3. The number following the word Serial is your serial number.

    The serial number and other information on the bottom of a MacBook Air.

How to Find a MacBook Serial Number if You Don’t Have the MacBook

If you don’t have access to your MacBook, or it won’t turn on, and the print on the bottom has smudged or rubbed off, you can find your serial number on the Apple ID webpage. For this method to work, you need to know the Apple ID and password you used when setting up the MacBook.

  1. Navigate to the Apple ID website and log in.

    The Apple ID website.
  2. Enter the two factor authentication.

    Entering two-factor authentication on the Apple ID website.
  3. Scroll down to the Devices section, and click your MacBook.

    The Devices section of the Apple ID website.
  4. Your serial number will be listed in the pop-up.

    A MacBook Air serial number displayed on the Apple ID site.
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