How to Find the Serial Number of an HP Laptop

Important information for troubleshooting your laptop

What to Know

  • Get your serial number in seconds using Command Prompt.
  • Open the Run dialog box and enter cmd into the task bar beside the Start Menu.
  • Type wmic bios get serialnumber and press Enter.

This article includes information on how to find the serial number of an HP laptop, regardless of the version of Windows you're running) using several different methods.

What Is a Serial Number?

Your serial number is a string of numbers and letters that identifies your specific HP device. A series of laptops, like the HP Envy, will have product numbers or model numbers that match the other laptops manufactured at the same time, but a serial number is unique to each specific laptop.

How Do I Find the Product Number of My HP Laptop Using CMD?

If you can’t find the label with your serial number, it may have been damaged or removed. As long as your laptop is still in working condition, you can also get the serial number by using the Command Prompt.

  1. Open the command prompt by typing cmd into the task bar beside the Start menu. On some versions of Windows you may need to open the Run dialog box and enter cmd.

    Opening Command Prompt using the Windows taskbar.
  2. In the Command Prompt, type wmic bios get serialnumber and press Enter.

    Entering a command into Command Prompt.
  3. Your serial number should appear after the command.

When Will I Need the Serial Number of My HP Laptop?

Your serial number identifies your specific HP product, taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting by identifying when your laptop was manufactured and which hardware was used.

If you contact customer support to resolve a problem, they will ask for the serial number. You can also use the serial number to check on the warranty status for your laptop. Whether or not your device is still under warranty, you’ll need to provide the number if you send your laptop for repairs.

How Old Is My HP Laptop By Serial Number?

Even after your laptop’s warranty has expired, you can use the serial number to see how old your laptop is.

The serial number is a string of letters and numbers. You can determine your laptop’s manufacturing date by looking at the 4th, 5th, and 6th digits in the serial number. The 4th digit is the last digit of the year, and the following two digits indicate the week. The string of numbers 050 would indicate a laptop manufactured during the 50th week of the year 2020.

Where Is My Serial Number Located?

To find your serial number, the first place you should look is on the bottom of your laptop. It’s usually printed on a label along with the product number, model number, and warranty length. If you don’t see the label, it may be located inside the battery compartment.

Where Else Can I Find the Serial Number?

The serial number is also located in the System Information window of your HP laptop. To open the System Information window, use your laptop’s built-in keyboard to enter the key combination Fn + Esc (on some laptops it may be Ctrl+Alt+S).

  • How do I find the serial number of an HP laptop in Ubuntu?

    Open the Linux terminal console by entering Ctrl+Alt+T. When you've opened a window, enter sudo dmidecode -s system-serial-number to return your HP laptop's serial number.

  • How can I find the model of my HP laptop using the serial number?

    Using your laptop's serial number, you can look up your model on the HP support website. Also, when you search for your HP laptop's serial number with one of the above methods, you'll find the product or model number nearby.

  • How can I find the serial number of a stolen HP laptop?

    It's possible to locate the serial number of a stolen HP laptop if you registered it with a tracking app or with one of HP's tracking and recovery services. Another place to look is the product receipt and original packaging. If you enabled Find My Device on Windows 10, you might be able to track your device and lock it remotely.

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