How to Find Saved Reels on Instagram

How to see liked Reels, too

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What to Know

  • Find Saved Reels: Menu > Saved > All Posts > Reels (identify with the clapperboard icon).
  • Find Liked Reels: Menu > Your activity > Interactions > Likes > Open Video thumbnails.

This article will show you how to see the reels you have saved and liked on Instagram.

How to See Saved Reels

Everyone can create and share Instagram Reels, which are short 60-second videos. But, unlike photos, you cannot directly save reels to different collections with the Save button. So, go to the "All Posts" album to see all your saved reels on Instagram.

  1. In the Instagram app, tap the Profile icon at the bottom of the Instagram screen.

  2. Select Menu on the top right (the hamburger icon with the three horizontal bars).

  3. Select Saved on the slide menu to go to the screen with your saved collections and the All Posts album.

    Instagram with profile, menu, and Save highlighted
  4. Open the All Posts album which has all your saved posts.

  5. Select the thumbnail which has a clapperboard icon to open the reel.

  6. Alternatively, select the middle tab on top with the clapperboard icon to filter all reels on the same screen. You can also open a collection and filter reels with the clapperboard icon on top of the screen.

    Instagram with All Posts, thumbnail, and reel icon highlighted


Videos are longer than the 60-second reels and can be distinguished from Reels with the Play icon. Instagram photos don't have any identifying icons.

How to See Liked Reels

Instagram bunches all your likes in one view, so there is no clear filter to separate your photos, reels, and videos. But you can use these steps to narrow down your liked reels.

  1. Tap the Profile icon at the bottom of the Instagram screen.

  2. Select Menu on the top right (the hamburger icon with the three horizontal bars).

  3. Select Your activity on the slide menu.

    Instagram with profile, menu, and Your Activity highlighted
  4. Select Interactions.

  5. Select Likes.

    Instagram Activity with Interactions, Likes, and reels highlighted
  6. The Likes screen displays all videos and reels with the same icon. Tap any to open it:

    • Reels will play in their window, and you will see the "Reels" label on top.
    • Videos will take you back to the account page you liked it from.
    Reels and Videos on Instagram
  7. You can also use Sort & filter to arrange all your liked Instagram posts by age, author, or period to help drill down to any post you are searching for.


You can use the Likes page to unlike a specific reel, video, or photo. Alternatively, choose Select > Unlike to process them in batches.

  • How do I make an Instagram reel?

    To create an Instagram reel, go to your Instagram feed and swipe right to access the camera. At the bottom, select Reel. Tap the action button to start filming your reel, or tap the media icon to upload a video. Use the slider to select the clip you want and tap Add.

  • How do I download an Instagram reel?

    You can save a reel to your Instagram account, but there's no built-in way to download it to your device. To save a reel, tap More (three dots) at the bottom of the screen and tap Save. A workaround: Use the screen record function to record the reel and save it to your device.

  • How do I find draft reels on Instagram?

    If you want to go back and edit a draft of your reel, tap your profile icon, and then tap the reel icon below your profile information. Tap Drafts and choose the draft you want to continue working on.

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