Can You Find and Replace Words in Google Docs?

How to find and replace words in Google Docs

Google docs
Google docs

Your paper is due tomorrow, and you just realized you've misspelled a name you've used countless times. What do you do? If you are working in Google Docs, you find and replace words quickly in your Google Docs document.

How to Find and Replace Words in a Google Docs Document

  1. Open your document in Google Docs.
  2. Select Edit and click Find and replace.
  3. Type the misspelled word or any other word you want to find in the empty field next to "Find."
  4. Enter the replacement word in the field next to "Replace with."
  5. Click Replace all to make the change every time the word is used.
  6. Click Replace to view each instance of the use of the word and make individual decisions regarding replacement. Use Next and Prev to navigate through all the occurrences of the misspelled word.

Note: The same find and replace steps work for presentations that you open in the Slides.

Working With Google Docs

Google Docs is a free online word processor. You can write, edit and collaborate all within Google Docs on a computer or mobile device. Here's how to work in Google Docs on a computer:

  • Create a new Google Docs document. In a supporting browser, open Google Docs. Click the blank template with the + on it underneath "Start a new document" at the top of the screen to open a new document.
  • Format and Edit the document. Add a title at the top and then add your content. Add text, paragraphs and heading styles and adjust spacing in the document. Choose fonts, font sizes and alignment using the icons at the top of the new document.
  • Share the document to work with other people. You can share with anyone who has a Google account by selecting your document on the Google Docs home screen and clicking Share. Type the email addresses of people you want to share the file with under "People." Click the down arrow to assign privileges—view, comment or edit—to each person you share with. After you've entered the names and assigned privileges, click Send to send an email to each person.

You can also generate a link to the document. After clicking Share, select Get shareable link and select whether the recipients of the link can view comment or edit files. Anyone you send the link to can access the Google Doc document.

The permissions include:

  • View. People can look at the file but they can't change anything or share the file with other people.
  • Comment. Viewers can make suggestions and comments. They can't change the file in any way or share it with other people.
  • Edit. Users can accept or reject suggestions, make edits to the document and share the files with anyone.

Other Google Docs Tips

Sometimes Google Docs just confounds people, especially those used to working with Microsoft Word. For example, even changing the margins in Google Docs can be tricky unless you know the secret. Lifewire has more articles on Google Docs; check them out for the tips you need!