How to Find a Remailer to Send Your Anonymous Email

To send your email anonymously, you need to have somebody else send it for you — somebody else who, again, is but a machine. The recipient will get an email from the machine, but it is clear that it was not the machine where the message originated. Why?

How Remailers Work

Such a machine to send emails anonymously is a remailer. You send an email to the remailer, and it sends it to the final recipient on your behalf, deleting all traces that might lead to you as the real author of the message.

Now, how do you find such a remailer? Fortunately, there are many friendly souls who operate remailing robots for various — idealistic — reasons. Not all of the remailers are always online, and not all of them are always functional, but fortunately you can find out about the remailer's reliability, too.

Find a Remailer to Send Your Anonymous Email

To find a remailer to send your anonymous email:

The list also includes the latest availability statistics for select remailers, updated hourly. And while you're at it, it's a good idea to get the PGP keys of all the remailers, too.