How to Use Keyfinder Thing

Locate product keys and serial numbers with this free tool

Keyfinder Thing is a free program that will find your Windows product key and the product keys and serial numbers to many other programs as well.

Keyfinder Thing v3.1.6 works for nearly any Windows operating systems except Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows NT. You need the original product key that came with your Windows purchase before you can reinstall Windows.

The detailed instructions we've put together here walk you through the entire process of using Keyfinder Thing to locate lost product keys and serial numbers, so feel free to take a look at the entire tutorial before you get started.

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Visit the Keyfinder Thing Website

Screenshot of the Keyfinder Thing home page
Keyfinder Thing Website.

Keyfinder Thing is a free software program that finds product keys and serial numbers, so the first thing you need to do is visit the Keyfinder Thing website so you can download the program.

Keyfinder Thing is a completely free program and you should not be charged anything to download or use it.

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Select the Download Button

Screenshot of the Keyfinder Thing download page
Keyfinder Thing Download Page.

On the Keyfinder Thing download page, above the Keyfinder Thing screenshot, you should see two download buttons.

Select Download on the left—the one on the right is for a different program that isn't free.

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Download the Keyfinder Thing ZIP File

Screenshot of the Keyfinder Thing download process
Keyfinder Thing Download Process.

Keyfinder Thing should begin downloading. The download is in the form of a ZIP file named

If prompted, choose to Save to Disk or Download File—your browser may phrase it differently. Save the file to your Desktop or some other location that's easy to locate. Don't choose to Open the File or Open.

The Keyfinder Thing ZIP file is very small. Even on slow connections, the download shouldn't take more than a few seconds.

The screenshot above shows the download process for Keyfinder Thing when downloading using the Internet Explorer browser in Windows Vista. If you're downloading on another operating system like Windows 10 or you're using a browser other than IE, your download progress indicator will probably look different than the one above.

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Extract the Program From the Keyfinder Thing ZIP File

Screenshot of the program files extracting from Keyfinder Thing in Windows Vista
Extract Files Dialog Box (Windows Vista).

Open the Keyfinder Thing ZIP file after the download is complete.

ZIP files are single files that contain compressed versions of one or more files. To be able to use the file(s) contained in the ZIP file, it must be uncompressed. There are several programs that do this and you may have one installed. Because of this, you may have to follow slightly different steps to "unzip" the Keyfinder Thing ZIP file.

If you don't have a file extraction program installed, a built-in ZIP extraction feature in Windows will prompt you to extract the files contained within the ZIP file to a new folder. Follow the instructions given to complete the file extraction.

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Install the Keyfinder Thing Program

Screenshot of the extracted Keyfinder Thing program files in Windows Vista
Extracted Files View (Windows Vista).

After extracting the Keyfinder Thing ZIP file to a folder, open the folder to view the contents.

You should see just one file called KeyFinderThing.exe. You may not see the EXE file extension, so just make sure you see the file. If you don't, download and extract the Keyfinder Thing ZIP file again.

Double-click the file to run the Keyfinder Thing setup, and click through the installer to add the program to your computer. It should only take a minute to install.

The picture above shows what the folder with the extracted Keyfinder Thing application file looks like in Windows Vista. If you're using a different Windows operating system, your folder may not look the same.

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View Your Product Keys and Serial Numbers

Screenshot of Keyfinder Thing
Keyfinder Thing v3.1.6.

After Keyfinder Thing opens, select the green refresh button to scan the computer for product keys and serial numbers. Your Windows operating system product key will be one of the keys displayed.

The PC that I used as an example was a Windows Vista computer but it did not have any additional programs installed. Your computer will likely show several other serial numbers.

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Document Your Found Product Keys and Serial Numbers

Once you've found your product keys and serial numbers, print them out and keep them somewhere safe! There's no need to go through this process twice.

Keyfinder Thing Didn't Work?

Did you have trouble using Keyfinder Thing or did it not find the serial number you were looking for? Try another free product key finder program. Keyfinder Thing is great but if it doesn't work as you expected, it's not of much use. Another free key finder program might find what you're looking for.