How to Find People on Twitter by Email

The people you know make the best Twitter followers

What to Know

  • Open the Twitter app on your mobile device. Swipe right to open the menu.
  • Select More > Settings and Privacy > Privacy and safety > Discoverability and Contacts.
  • Turn on Sync address book contacts. Twitter highlights those people already on the platform. Select Follow next to their names.

This article explains how to find people you know on Twitter by importing your phone contacts to the platform. The article also includes tips on using the Twitter app.

Find People on Twitter by Importing Your Email Contacts

You finally launched a Twitter account, and you want to get more followers quickly. Who better to recruit than people you already know? You can search for and follow people on Twitter using their email addresses located in your address book. Here's how to do it via an Android or iOS device:

  1. Open the Twitter app.

  2. Swipe right to open the menu.

  3. Select More > Settings and Privacy > Privacy and safety > Discoverability and Contacts.

  4. Turn on Sync address book contacts. This causes Twitter to upload contacts on an ongoing basis and use those contacts as suggestions for who to follow on the social network.

    Syncing address book contacts in Twitter

    Turning off sync later won't remove contacts you've already uploaded.

  5. Grant Twitter permission to access your contacts if necessary.

  6. Once you import your contacts, Twitter will highlight the ones who are already using the platform. Follow those individuals by selecting Follow next to their usernames, or add all of them at once by selecting Follow all.

Searching for Contacts on Twitter

You can search for people by name in the main search box on the site. You can find them via email address or phone number, but only if they activate those features in their Privacy and Safety settings. Many users either don't turn the features on intentionally or don't realize they're there, so you may not have any luck finding someone by searching for an email address on Twitter. It doesn't hurt to try, though.

More on Twitter and Email

Here are a few more things to keep in mind about imported contacts and Twitter:

  • Twitter doesn't let you create a new account using an email address that's already in use. If you want to create five Twitter accounts, for example, you need five unique email addresses.
  • If you want to change your email address, go to your profile > Settings and Privacy > Account and replace your current email address with your new one. Twitter asks for your password to confirm the request. Then it sends a confirmation email to the new address and asks you to click a link.
  • If you're getting too much email from Twitter, you can update your preferences. To manage your email notifications, go to Profile > Settings and privacy > Email notifications. Review the list and check or uncheck the different types of email notifications Twitter sends out.
  • If you get an email from Twitter that looks suspicious, forward it to Emails that look fishy and ask you for your login information are called phishing emails.
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