How to Find Your Parked Car With Google Maps

Learn how to save your parking location on Google Maps

What to Know

  • Tap the blue dot representing your current location and select Save parking to save your parked car location in Google Maps.
  • Search for a parking garage or parking lot in navigation mode and add it as another stop in your route.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find your car in a large parking lot when you're traveling. Thankfully, it's easy to find your parked car with Google Maps when you're using your Android phone, but only if you save its location.

Remember to Save Your Parked Car Location

So long as you have the Google Maps app installed on your Android or iPhone, you'll never forget where you parked your car again.

There are a few limitations as to how this feature works in Google Maps.

  • You can't save your parking location using Google Maps on Chrome on a computer or laptop.
  • It's best to set your location once you've parked your car and are ready to start walking.
  • Use the timer feature if you're using a parking meter.

Another nice feature in Google Maps is the ability to save notes with your parking location. The extra information can help with remembering numbered or lettered parking spots found at airports.

How to Save and Find Your Parked Car With Google Maps

Saving your parked car location with Google maps takes a few taps. You can also manually update the place if you realize you forgot to set it when you were at your car.

  1. Once you've parked your car, open Google Maps on your phone. Tap the Crosshairs icon on the map to see the blue dot for your current location.

  2. When you tap the blue dot, you'll see a menu open at the bottom of the screen—Tap Save Parking to store your current location as your more recent parking spot.

  3. If you moved your car and want to change your parking location manually, tap the search field in Google Maps, and you'll see Parking location under the field. Tap Edit (the pencil icon) to make changes.

    Location Crosshairs, Save Parking, and Edit icon in Google Maps
  4. Select More info to see details about your current parking location.

  5. The next screen is where you can edit details about your parking location. To change the location, tap Change location under the parking location name.

    This parking location edit screen is also where you can add information about your parking spot. For example, you can add notes such as the numbered or lettered spot you parked at, add a photo of the parking spot, or set a timer to remind yourself to get back to the parking spot before a parking meter runs out.

  6. Slide the map with your finger and place the red marker to where you're parked to change the parking location. Select OK when you're finished.

    More info, Change location and OK in Google Maps

Find and Save a Parking Garage or Lot to Your Route

In some versions of Google Maps (only on Android devices), you can select Steps & parking to search for parking destinations. This feature is only available on Android and only works for select cities.

Since this is such a limited feature, a better solution for anyone is to add stops such as a parking garage or lot to your route once you start the driving directions mode.

  1. To get started, use the search field in Google Maps to find your destination. Select Directions to get your driving route.

  2. On the route map, select Start to launch navigating mode.

  3. Once in navigating mode, select the magnifying glass icon to search for another stop to add to your route. Type "parking," and you'll see a list of parking garages or parking lots close to the route you're planning to drive. Select the search icon on your on-screen keyboard to search for parking along your way.

    Directions, Start, and parking in Google Maps
  4. You'll see "P" icons which indicate parking locations along your route. Scroll down to your destination on the map, and select any of the icons in an area you'd like to park. You'll see the parking location highlighted in a card at the bottom of the map. Select Add stop to add the parking spot to your route.

    Search icon and Add Stop in Google Maps
  5. Now, Google Maps will navigate you to the parking location you've chosen near your destination. Don't forget to use the instructions at the start of this article to save your parking location once you get there.

  • How do I get rid of my parking location in Google Maps?

    To remove your parking location, tap the search field, tap the Edit icon next to Parking Location, then tap Clear.

  • Can I pay for parking in Google Maps?

    Yes. Tap the location on the map, then tap Pay for Parking. This option may not appear until you are physically parked in a spot.

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