How to Find Out Who Owns an 800 Number

Figure out who's behind those 800 calls you keep getting

What to Know

  • Easiest method: In the Google search box, enter the phone number.
  • Or use an 800 number directory website like Whitepages,, or
  • Look up the number on social media, or use a social network search engine like Social Searcher.

This article explains how to find out who owns an 800 number using online number lookup tools.

Google the 800 Number

Google Search is one of the easiest ways to look up an 800 number. Go to and enter the number into the search box.

For example, for 800-872-2657, the first few results show that it belongs to US Bank.

800 number reverse lookup on

Google might be one of the fastest ways to find out who owns an 800 number, but a reverse number lookup with a web search engine isn't necessarily your best option.

800 Number Directory

Some websites keep track of 800 numbers and provide a simple way to search through their index to see more information about the owner.


This is one of the best free ways to find people online, and it's just as helpful for searching 800 numbers. Enter the number to see the business that owns it. Some results show an address and the company's website, too.

800 reverse number lookup at Whitepages

You can also do the opposite and find the number by browsing through companies. This is helpful if you don't have the number yet and all you know is the company name or the type of company it is. is one example of this type of 800 number search.

This website is straightforward: Enter the number in the box and complete the character code check below it, and then read the pop-up. It shows the company name and the last time the number was verified.

800ForAll 800 number search result

Look Up the 800 Number on Social Media

Many businesses publish their contact numbers on their social networking profiles, so this is a great way to look one up if the resources above weren't helpful.

A quick search for the number on Twitter or Facebook is where you should start. Those sites and other social media platforms have search boxes you can use to quickly scour what people are saying about that number.

Another way to search social media for a 1-800 number is with a social network search engine like Social Searcher or Google Social Search. Through the both of them, you can look through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and other sites.

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