How do I find out who an 800 number belongs to?

You receive a call from an 800 number you don't recognize, or you've got an 800 number written down that you don't remember where it came from. Is there a way to find out who an 800 number belongs to?

If you're trying to find out who an 800 number belongs to, the Web can help you do that. There are a couple different methods you can try:

Google it: Go to Google and type in the 800 number (with hyphens).

For example, if you type in the number 800-872-2657, your first result will tell you that it's the number for US Bank.

Use a 800 directory. There are many 800 number directories out there, but I've found the following directories to be the most useful:

  • 800 Notes: This 800 number directory is built by users just like you who get calls from 800 numbers and then log comments about that particular number.
  • Contact Help: This directory lets you search by company name or 800 number.

Now, using the search provided on these sites isn't always the best way to track down a number. Instead, use the site: search command to find a number contained within the 800 directory site, for example, "800-111-5555" (yes, put the 800 number in quotes).

Try a social networking search engine. Many businesses publish their 800 numbers on their social networking profiles. Social networking search engines that search across a number of different sites can track down this information for you easily.

Try the following: