Find the Sent Timestamp on Gmail Messages

Find out the exact time someone sent you an email

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Gmail shows when a message was sent relative to the current time, such as "4 hours ago." This is extremely helpful most of the time but you might be in a situation where you want to know the exact date and time, especially for older emails that just have a date (e.g. June 2).

Revealing the timestamp of a Gmail message is extremely easy and is hidden just one or two clicks away from the regular date that you always see.

See When an Email Was Sent Through Gmail

Below is a look at three different places you might be reading your Gmail messages and how to see the message's true date in each scenario

From the Desktop Website

  1. With the message open, hover your mouse over the date (such as "May 29").

  2. Wait for the exact date and time to display.

For example, instead of the date just being "May 29," hovering your mouse over it will reveal the specific time the email was sent, like "Mon, May 29, 2017, at 8:45 AM."

Another way to do this on the desktop website is to open the message and then click the down arrow next to the Reply button, called More. Choose Show original to see when the message was created.

From the Gmail Mobile App

  1. Open the message you want to see the date for.

  2. Tap the "to " line right below the sender's name.

  3. More details will show below it, including not only the sender's email address and your email address but also the full date that it was sent.

From Inbox by Gmail (on the Web)

  1. Open the message in Inbox by Gmail.

  2. Put the mouse cursor directly over the date shown in the header area.

  3. Wait for the full date and time to appear.

Much like Gmail, Inbox by Gmail can show you the full, original message, which also reveals the timestamp. To do that, locate the date you identified in Step 2, click the three vertically stacked dots, and then Show original.