Find Old Friends Using Facebook

Yes, you can find old friends on Facebook

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Iain Masterton / Getty Images

The best thing about Facebook for those of us who have been out of school for a long time is the ability to find old friends. When you find old friends using Facebook you're given the chance to make amends, start over and be best friends again, not to mention find lost love.

Best Friends Lost

You went your way and your best friend went her way. Somewhere along the way, phone numbers were lost. You had no way of finding each other ever again.

Along comes Facebook. All you have to do to find old friends on Facebook is type in your friend's name and there she is. Found at long last.

Maybe your search to find old friends on Facebook didn't happen that quick. You did find another long lost friend, though. So you add them to your friend list instead. A couple months later you open up your email only to find your long lost best friend has just found you.

Share photos with the Facebook photo album. Add photos from high school, add current photos and add photos of your kids to your Facebook photo album. Your friends will love it.

Starting Over

So you weren't looking for a best friend, you were just looking to find old friends that you wished you had tried harder to be friends with. You've just been given a second chance.

They say first impressions last a lifetime. I say second chances come only once, and they can be just as important at the first impression. Use Facebook as a means to build a new friendship with your lost friend.

Making Amends

Did you wrong someone? Did they wrong you? You've just found him on Facebook so here's your chance to make up even though there were bad feelings or hurtful words, it's never too late to make things better and be friends all over again.

Facebook's homepage makes it easy to start over. Start by saying you're sorry, then let they can forgive you or say they're sorry too. Then let bygones be bygones and start a new relationship. Get together if possible and make it final with a hug or a handshake.

Consider creating a Facebook group for your graduating class. This is a great way to keep in touch, send out notices and get everyone all in one place on Facebook.

Finding Lost Love

You find yourself single again and looking for love. You go to Facebook and start looking up people you used to date or wanted to date. Soon you find that your high school sweetheart is also single.

This is your chance for love. Take the chance and say hi, then let him know you're single too and suggest getting together for lunch. Can't hurt!