How to Find a Modem's IP Address

Your modem and your router might have separate IP addresses

What to Know

  • Enter ipconfig (Windows) or ifconfig (for Mac and Linux) in your Command Prompt/Terminal and look for the Default Gateway.
  • Open a web browser and enter your modem's IP address in the URL bar to log into your modem and access the admin interface.
  • Manufacturers typically print the IP address, default user name (sometimes listed as SSID), and password on the bottom of the modem.

This article explains how to find a modem's IP address. Instructions apply broadly to all modems and router-modem combos.

How to Find a Modem IP Address

Follow these steps to find your cable modem's IP address:

  1. Connect your computer to your modem (or a router connected to the modem) using an Ethernet cable.

  2. Open the Windows Command Prompt, the Linux Terminal, or the Terminal on Mac.

  3. Type ipconfig (Windows) or ifconfig (for Mac and Linux) and press Enter.

  4. Look for the Default Gateway line to find the IP address represented by a string of numbers and periods.

    ipconfig command in Command Prompt, with Default Gateway result

    You might also find the IP address printed on the back or underside of the modem, along with the user name and password.

Why Do You Need a Modem's IP Address?

You'll need to know your modem's IP address if you want to log in to your modem. Open a web browser, enter your modem's IP address in the URL bar, then enter the user name and password to bring up the admin interface.

From there, you can check your connection status, change the password, clear the events log, and more. You may also need to know a modem's IP address when setting up a computer network.

Find Your Modem's User Name and Password

Your modem's user name, password, and IP address may be on the side or bottom of the modem. If the information you need isn't there, consult the manual or search Google for your modem's model's default user name and password. If you've changed the default user name and password, you can reset your modem to factory settings by inserting a straightened paperclip into the small hole on the back of the modem.

If you're having trouble logging into your modem, enter the IP address in a different browser, check the physical connections, and/or disable any web security tools.

Does a Modem Have an IP Address?

All modems have a unique IP address, allowing other devices (computers, printers, etc.) to communicate with them. Your modem's IP address may or may not be the same as the router's IP address, but if you have a router-modem combination unit, they are probably the same.

The steps for finding your modem's IP address are essentially the same as finding your local IP address.

  • What is a static IP address?

    A static IP address is manually configured for a device, unlike a dynamic IP address which is automatically assigned by the network and changes over time.

  • How do you change an IP address?

    In Windows 10, open the Control Panel and select Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings. Next, select the connection you want to change. Then, go to Properties > Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and manually enter the new IP address or select Obtain an IP address automatically to let the router pick one for you.

  • How do you reset an IP address?

    You can release and renew an IP address in Windows by opening the Command Prompt and entering ipconfig /release followed by ipconfig /renew. Don't worry if you get the same IP address again. This is normal.

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