How to Find Your Dell Laptop Model Number

Locate the model number on a Dell laptop quickly

What to Know

  • Easiest: Find the Dell Laptop Model Number on the identification label on the laptop.
  • Next Easiest: Right-click on Start > System > Settings (About) Screen > Device specifications.
  • Alternatives: Use the Dell SupportAssist Application, the Windows System Information Window, or go into BIOS settings.

This article shows you how to find Dell’s laptop model number using the identification label, device specifications, and the Dell Support Assistant.

Find the Model Number From the Identification Label

Product labels pasted on the laptop body or the cardboard packaging can include the Dell laptop model number. The placement of the product label can differ. According to Dell Support, look in these locations:

  • Bottom cover, base, or back of the product
  • Battery compartment
  • Screen, keyboard trim, or palm rest

The Reg Model with an alphanumeric number indicates the specific model. The label displays other alphanumerical information, like the service tag, country of origin, the IEC (Information Technology Equipment Safety) number, the Dell Part Number (DP/N), etc. 

The Service Tag is an important number. You can find your Dell support options with the Service Tag, Express Service Code, or Serial Number.

Identification label on a Dell XPS 13 laptop.
Some Dell laptops like the XPS have a lid covering a small compartment with the label.

Go to Windows Settings 

The Windows System screen lists the device configuration. There are several ways to access the Settings screen. This method takes you directly to the About screen, where the Dell mentions the model number. 

  1. Right-click on the Start button and select System from the menu. 

  2. Windows Setting will open on the About screen. 

  3. The make and model number are listed under Device specifications.

    About screen on Dell XPS with model number.

Use the Dell SupportAssist Application for Windows

SupportAssist is a Dell maintenance application that comes pre-installed on all Dell PCs. If it’s missing, download and install it from the Dell Support website. The app displays the model number on the home screen. 

  1. Open Windows Search from the Start menu. Type SupportAssist.

  2. Select SupportAssist in the search results. 

  3. The SupportAssist home screen launches and displays the laptop model number, service tag, and other details.

    Dell Support Assist Screen.

Use the Windows System Information Window

Windows System Information is an administrative tool with a comprehensive summary of a computer’s specs, including your Dell laptop model number. There are several ways to open it. 

  • Go to Start and then type “system information” in the search box. Select the result.
  • Use Windows + R shortcut to open the Run box. Type “msinfo32” in the Open field. Press Enter.
  • Go to Start > Windows Administrative Tools > System Information.

The System Information window opens on the Summary screen. Go down the Items column to System Model. The value listed is the Dell laptop model number. 

Windows System Information screen with Dell Model Number.

Use the Laptop’s BIOS Settings

You don’t have to enter Windows to find your laptop’s model number. Enter BIOS when the computer boots to find information about the hardware and the model number of the Dell laptop. 

  1. Power on your computer.

  2. As soon as the Dell logo appears on the screen, press the F2 key once per second to access the BIOS. If the F2 key doesn’t work, use alternative BIOS key combinations.  

  3. Look for the laptop model number on the BIOS main screen. Dell includes other details like the Service tag number under System Information.

    Dell BIOS Screen with model number highlighted.

When You Need the Serial Number

It’s no longer enough to know the brand of your laptop. With so many laptops sold under different family names and product lines, it’s essential to know the exact model number. The model number is a unique set of numbers that can help you get the proper support, check the warranty, buy compatible parts, or even find the correct manual. 

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