How to Find Memories on Facebook

Here's how to see specific Facebook memories

What to Know

  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile device, tap the Menu icon, and select Memories.
  • Log in on, go to the Home tab, and click Memories on the left side.

This article explains how to find your Memories in the Facebook mobile app and on the website. We’ll also explain how to locate the Memories Settings to adjust your notifications or hide specific people or certain dates from your Memories.

About Facebook Memories

Memories on Facebook can include posts you’ve shared, Facebook posts others have tagged you in, and Facebook anniversaries for when you became friends with others. Memories are for the current date, but back in years as long as you’ve had your Facebook account.

If you don’t see any Memories it means Facebook doesn’t have anything to display for that day in the past.

There’s no switch or setting to turn off Facebook Memories; however, you can control notifications and hide people or dates, which we’ll describe below.

Find Memories in the Facebook Mobile App

While you can often see Memories in your Feed, you can see those from many years past in the Memories section.

  1. Open the Facebook app and tap the Menu icon on the lower or upper right depending on your device.

  2. Below All Shortcuts, select Memories.

  3. If you don’t see Memories in the list, scroll to the bottom of the section and tap See More. The option should then display.

    Steps to find Memories in the Facebook mobile app.

    You’ll then see Memories for “On This Day” for previous years. 

Change Settings for Facebook Memories on Mobile

You can change the notifications for your Facebook Memories as well as keep certain people or specific dates from displaying in Memories.

  1. On the top right of the Memories Home, tap the gear icon to open the Memories Settings. 

  2. Choose how often to be notified of Memories at the top. You can pick All MemoriesHighlights, or None. Highlights include special Memories like celebration videos.

  3. Beneath Hide Memories, tap to hide People or Dates. 

    If you choose People, begin typing a name and select the correct one when it appears. Tap the arrow at the top to go back.

    If you choose Dates, enter a Start and End date and tap Save.

    Steps to change Settings for Facebook Memories in the mobile Facebook app.

    You can then exit the Memories Settings using the back arrow at the top and return to the Menu by tapping the arrow again.

Find Memories on the Facebook Website

Like on your mobile device, you can see Memories in your Feed on the Facebook website. But of course, you can access Memories there as well.

  1. Visit and log in.

  2. Click the Home tab in the top navigation.

  3. Select Memories on the left side.

  4. If you don’t see Memories in the list, click See More at the bottom of the top section. Memories should then display.

    Memories on the left side of the Facebook Home tab highlighted.

    You’ll see shared Facebook posts on the current day from years past.

Change Settings for Facebook Memories on the Web

If you’d like to change the notifications or hide people or dates from your Memories on the web, it’s just as easy as on your mobile device.

  1. In the Memories Home, select Notifications on the left. On the right, pick All MemoriesHighlights, or None.

    Selecting which Memories Notifications to see on the Facebook site.
  2. To hide a person from your Memories, pick Hide People on the left. Start typing the person’s name on the right and select them when they appear in the suggestions. Click Save.

    How to hide people from Facebook Memories.
  3. To hide dates from your Memories, pick Hide Dates on the left. Click Add New Date Range on the right and choose the Start Date and End Date. Click Save.

    Where to hide dates from Facebook Memories.

    You can return to the main screen by clicking the Home icon in the top navigation.

  • How do I share Memories on Facebook?

    Once you've found a Memory in the app or online, you can share it to your feed. On the Memory page, select Share next to the one you want to post. From there, you can choose whether to share it with friends only or publicly.

  • How do I turn off Memories on Facebook?

    You can't turn off Memories completely, but you can use the Hide Dates feature (Memories > Hide Dates > Add Date Range) to do a workaround. Enter a date range that covers your entire presence on Facebook, and Memories won't show up.

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