6 Best Ways to Find Garage Sales Near You

Plan ahead with these garage sale finders

Doing your garage sale research ahead of time saves you the time and gas money it takes to scour for one in person, but online garage sale sites have another benefit: you can get to the deals as quickly as possible, maybe even before anyone else finds them!

Stop driving around all day looking for garage sale signs. Here's how to use the internet to find garage sales near you or anywhere else.

Garage Sale Tracker

Garage Sales Tracker website

Garage Sales Tracker is one of the best ways to find garage sales online. Anyone can post their garage sale on this website so that other visitors can easily find when and where the deals are available.

Why this garage sale search website is so useful is for two reasons: the advanced search option makes it really easy to find specific garage sales that fit your desires, and the email subscription option lets you get daily (or less frequent) emails about garage sales.

When it comes to searching for nearby garage sales, Garage Sales Tracker lets you enter a zip code or city name and state. Another option is to use the advanced options search to find garage sales so-many miles from a city, garage sales happening any time in the next month, and sales that have specific items you're looking for (e.g., picture frames, clothes, shoes).

If you sign up for the email subscription, you can use all of those same search parameters to get email updates when a new garage sale applies to your search. For example, you could get really specific and sign up to get emails only on the weekends and only if the garage sale is 15 miles from your hometown and is selling a flat-screen TV.

A garage sale page has images, dates and times for when the sale starts, the address for the garage sale, details on what's being sold, and even a map that shows directions to the garage sale.

Yard Sale Treasure Map

Yard Sale Treasure Map iPhone app

This garage sale finder is a free app for Android and iOS, and it's pretty amazing. Instead of searching for garage sales in a list or form, Yard Sale Treasure Map gives a Google Maps look at all the garage sale postings found on Craigslist.

With a map of garage sales at your fingertips, finding deals around where you are right now has never been easier. Of course, you can browse the map, too, and look at garage sales in other towns or states. 

Yard Sale Treasure Map is a wonderful app for mapping out Craigslist garage sales, but that's about all it does well for free. You can see markers on the map that show each garage sale or view a list of nearby sales, and when you tap on one it takes you directly to the Craigslist entry. Navigating to one is as easy as selecting the route button, and you can use any of your navigation apps to get there.

However, there are several other features that only paying customers can take advantage of. If you pay for a subscription, you can get advanced search options which let you search for garage sales that are open on certain days, sales that are x miles away from you, and ones that contain certain items only. There's also an option for paid users to automatically mark garage sales with a checkmark if you've already viewed it, so that you can more easily find new ones.

One awesome way to take advantage of this garage sale searcher (if you pay for the extra features) is to better utilize your time by planning other errands around where and when garage sales are opening. For example, you could go directly to all the sales offering toddler-sized clothes that open between 7 AM and 10 AM, in one specific neighborhood, and do it all on your way to the grocery store. 

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Yard Sale Search

Yard Sale Search website

When anyone posts their garage sale online at Yard Sale Search, others can search for it from the website. This site closely resembles Garage Sales Tracker above, but it has a neat map that lets you browse for sales visually.

Another benefit to this garage sale website is that you can add sales to a list to refer to again later. This makes it really easy to quickly sift through all the sales for anything that catches your eye, so that you can review the list later and better refine where you want to go.

When searching for garage sales at this website, you can look within 1–100 miles of any city, as well as pick which week range you want to see garage sales for, up to a month away from the current day.


GSalr garage sale finder website

GSalr works in much the same way as a couple of the garage sale finder websites above, but the way sales are displayed is unique, which might provide a better way for you to see what's out there.

You can view all the garage sales on a map, and when you click one you're given a small pop-up of the address, a picture, and the time and date that garage sale is happening. If you open more details you can see the full image gallery and read more about what they're offering.

However, what makes this website unique for finding garage sales online is that you can switch from the map view to a list or photos view. This list view shows all of the garage sales from the city you searched but does so in an organized manner that you can scroll through. If you pick the photos view, it's a lot like shopping online because you can browse through images to see what catches your attention, and then learn more about the sale from there.


Craigslist garage sales

A list of websites for finding garage sales online wouldn't be complete without Craigslist. Yes, it is a part of the Yard Sale Treasure Map app above but if you're on a computer instead, Craigslist could be all you need for finding the best garage sale deals.

Once you've chosen a location to look for garage sales (the page will probably load your neck of the woods automatically), look for the for sale section to find garage sale. It's there that you can look for garage sales a certain distance from any zip code as well as find deals that are active during a specific date.

You can also use Craigslist to find garage sales where a certain item is being sold, and to filter the results to hide posts that don't have an image—it's hard to want to visit a garage sale if you don't even know what the items look like.


Facebook showing a list of garage sale groups

Facebook is a great way to connect with people you know, but it's also a bit like Craigslist in that groups can be created to share content with strangers, too.

If you do a search for garage sales and then jump into the Groups section, you can probably find an existing garage sale Facebook Group that you can join to find nearby garage sales.

Keep in mind that some Facebook Groups are called "online garage sales" but might not refer to actual yard sales where items are placed outside, but instead just mean that someone is selling this or that and they're willing to converse with you over Facebook to learn when you can come by to pick up the item(s).

Facebook Marketplace is another way to buy things from people on Facebook, but that method isn't technically the same as using Facebook to find garage sales.