How to Find an IP Address in Command Prompt

Use a simple command to get your IP address on Windows

  • In Command Prompt, enter ipconfig. You’ll see your IP address next to the IPv4 Address.
  • In Command Prompt, enter ipconfig /all. You’ll see more detailed information in addition to your IP address.

This article shows you how to use Command Prompt on your Windows computer to obtain your IP address.

Open Command Prompt on Windows

Of course, you cannot run a command in Command Prompt until you open it. There are actually several ways to do this, but these two are super easy.

Use the Start Menu Search

If you have the Search box or icon in your Task Bar, you can use it. Otherwise, click the Start button (Windows icon) and type either "cmd" or "Command Prompt," then select Command Prompt from the list.

Search for Command Prompt from the Start menu

Use the Start Menu

You can also click the Start button, scroll to and expand Windows System, and select Command Prompt.

Navigate to Command Prompt in the Start Menu

How Can I Check My IP Address in CMD?

Once you have Command Prompt open, the rest is a piece of cake. Type the following command and then press Enter:


You’ll then see a snippet of information. Your IP address is next to IPv4 Address:

Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix .:
IPv6 Address....................: fd21:9dl7:c305:5:cld3:ca26:flc
Temporary IPv6 Address..........: fd21:9dl7:c305:5:4d83:8a05:5ef4
Link-local IPv6 Address.........: fe80::cld3:ca36:flc:bd0c%24
IPv4 Address....................: 
Subnet Mask.....................: 255.355.455.0 
Default Gateway.................:

If you’d like more detailed information along with your IP address, type the following command and hit Enter:

ipconfig /all

This second command gives you things like your hostname, ethernet adapter details, DHCP information, and more. But to keep it simple, and if you only need your IP address, the first command above is the way to go.

If you have a computer running macOS or Linux, check out our how-to for finding your IP address on those platforms.

  • How can I find the domain name from an IP address in the Command Prompt?

    Use the nslookup tool to find domain name information. With the IP address handy, open the Command Prompt and enter nslookup IP address. The output will list the domain name in the Name line.

  • How do I find a machine's name from an IP address in the Command Prompt?

    To find the name of a computer on your network, type nbtstat -A IP address and press Enter. Look for the machine's name under Name near the top of the result.

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