How to Find Your IP Address on Windows 10

Find your IP address in settings or with the command prompt

What to Know

  • Ethernet: Select Ethernet in the Settings menu and look for the IPv4 address in the Properties section.
  • Wi-Fi: Select Wi-Fi in Settings, and you can see the IPv4 address in the Properties section there.
  • Find your external internet IP address: Check your router's Internet Port configuration or use a site like

This article covers several ways to find your IP (Internet Protocol) address on a Windows 10 computer with and without using the command prompt.

Find Your IP Address in Windows Settings

Your Windows 10 PC's IP address is your computer's identity on the network to which it's connected. There are times when you may need your IP address to use specific programs. Luckily, the process of finding your IP address on a Windows 10 PC is straightforward.

Finding your IP address in your Windows 10 settings area depends on whether you're using your Wi-Fi network interface or your ethernet interface to connect to your network.

  1. Select Start and type Settings. Select the Settings app.

    Opening the Settings app with Settings in search field highlighted and Settings app highlighted
  2. In the Settings window, select Network & Internet.

    Network & Internet highlighted in Windows 10 Settings
  3. If you're connected to the network via ethernet, select Ethernet from the left menu. Then select the Ethernet Connected icon.

    Depending on the system you're using, your network might have a different name. If so, just select the one that corresponds with your network.

    Selecting Ethernet connected with Ethernet highlighted
  4. Scroll down the page to the Properties section and look for the IPv4 address. This is your computer's IP address on the network it's connected to.

    Computer IP address under Ethernet properties highlighted
  5. If you're using Wi-Fi, then select Wi-Fi from the left menu on the Settings window. Select the Wi-Fi Connected icon at the top of the window.

    Your icon may have a different name or label. Select the one that corresponds to your network.

    Selecting connected icon with Wi-Fi and the connected icon highlighted
  6. On the Wi-Fi Settings window, scroll down to the Properties section and find the IPv4 address on this page.

    Wi-Fi IPv4 address highlighted

Find Your IP Address Using the Command Prompt

You can also check the IP address your Windows 10 computer uses to connect to the current network using a simple ipconfig command using the command prompt tool.

  1. Select Start and type "command prompt", right-click the Command Prompt app, and select Run as administrator.

    Opening Command Prompt as administrator with "Run as administrator" highlighted
  2. Type "ipconfig" and press Enter. Scroll down to the Ethernet or Wi-Fi adapter you're connected to the network with and look for IPv4 Address. This will display your Windows 10 computer's IP address.

     ipconfig command with IP address highlighted

Find Your External Internet IP Address

The methods above will show you your computer's "local" IP address, meaning the IP address assigned to your computer by your router on your local home network. However, this isn't the IP address you're using when you're on the internet.

Your internet IP address is the one assigned to your router by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). You can obtain this "external" IP address in two ways, either by checking on your router or using a web service that can show you your internet IP address.

  1. Connect to your home router as Administrator, and once logged in, look for the section that provides Cable Information and Internet Port information. Here, you should see IP Address/Mask, which displays your internet IP address.

    Netgear home router with IP address highlighted
  2. Another option is to use one of several websites that can report back to you what your IP address is. Two of the most popular of these are and

    Screenshot of
  3. Either of these options will give you your internet IP address.

  • How do I find my local IP address in Windows 10?

    Find your local IP address in the Windows 10 Network and Internet settings. Select either the Ethernet Connected icon or Wi-Fi Connected icon. Then, scroll to Properties and locate your IPv4 address.

  • How do I find my static IP address in Windows 10?

    If you've configured a static IP address, also known as a fixed IP address, on your Windows 10 computer, search for and select the Network and Sharing Center. Select Change Adapter Settings. Right-click on the connection icon and select Properties, then scroll down to view your IPv4 address.

  • How do I find my router's IP address in Windows 10?

    To find your router's IP address, open the Command Prompt and type ipconfig. Press Enter. Find your router's IP address next to Default Gateway. Or, head to the Control Panel > Network and Internet and select View network status and tasks. Select your connection icon > Details. Find your router's IP address next to IPv4 Default Gateway.

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