Find and Install Fun New In-Car GPS Voices

Want Directions from Homer Simpson, Dennis Hopper or Darth Vader?

You're not stuck with the nice but bland and generic voice that speaks directions from your in-car GPS. Most stock receivers come with alternate voices built in, but in some cases, you can download and install amusing new text-to-speech voices that are sure to impress your friends, miff your significant other—some alternative voices are downright sultry—or just provide digital companionship as you find your way through the world. Here's how to find and install new GPS voices.

TomTom Voices

TomTom's navigation voices page is home to many voices you can purchase, download and install on your navigation device. 

You can put Homer Simpson in charge of your personal navigation and safety. The authentic Homer's voice not only provides precision directions but also comments on your driving—"You are a genius!"—and embellishes with a cackle. Listen to voice samples and buy and install Homer's voice. No telling what will happen without Marge along to be the voice of reason.

Other cartoon character voices for TomTom include Sylvester, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, Wallace and Gromit and Marge Simpson.

The celebrity voices on the TomTom navigation voices page includes Kim Cattrall, Dennis Hopper, Mr. T, Burt Reynolds and Snoop Dogg, among others.

Just-for-fun GPS voices include Yoda, Darth Vader, C-3PO... you get the idea. You can listen to voice samples on the TomTom voices page.

There is a fee for most TomTom voices, with celebrities commanding the highest price. You need to check your software version and model for compatibility before you buy. Begin by paying for and downloading the voice file to your computer. Next, connect your GPS device to your computer via its included USB cable, and transfer the files.

Purchased TomTom voices can only be used on one navigation device.

Garmin Voice Studio 

Garmin offers a Voice Studio for making your own navigation voice for use with your Nuvi. The site recommends you use a microphone with your computer to record and upload custom voices to your device. The software guides you through the process of recording a list of words and phrases and downloading the recordings to your device, such as "Proceed to highlighted route," and "Traffic ahead." Follow simple instructions to install the voice set into your compatible Garmin GPS. You may use your own versions of all the common GPS commands. 

Check the extensive list of compatible products before you use the Voice Studio to confirm that your device is compatible.

PIG Tones for TomTom and Garmin

PIG Tones (Politically Incorrect GPS) is a company that prides itself on developing fun, sexy and celebrity voices for both TomTom and Garmin navigation devices. Examples include Captain Jack, Sadera the Seductive, Sean Connery 007, Arnold—The Govenator, Christopher Walkin', Beavis & Butthead, Clint Eastwood and Hockey Mom among others.

Just connect your TomTom or Garmin GPS to a PC or Mac computer, buy and download the PIGtone, drag and drop to the GPS unit, and drive and laugh.

Enjoy your new road companion!