Find Grave Site Records Using Free Online Resources

How to find a grave, interment records, or other death information

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One of the most popular activities on the Web is tracking down genealogy records. Part of this search includes finding graves, interment records, or grave site information.

Much of this information can be found online, as these records have been digitized for easy access (previously, it took a trip to the library reading room and/or the county records office to track down even a small portion of the information that you can now find freely online). While not every record is available on the Web, the following sites can give you a good jumping off point to find what you're looking for. 

The following sites are some of the best resources online for finding this information, as well as good points at which to start offline to track records that might need a little bit more research. 


Screenshot of the Find A Grave website.

With millions of cemetery records, FindaGrave is a great resource. Includes a search for famous graves, location-based searching, date search, a listing of "interesting" monuments, and over 160 million grave records you can search through. In addition, users can also view epitaphs of interest, add burial records, and read success stories from other searchers who were able to find what they were looking for. 

Family Search: Find a Grave Index

Screenshot from the FamilySearch Find A Grave Index.

The Find a Grave Index by FamilySearch offers quite an expansive family history database of records and images from cemeteries around the world. This initial search gives users cursory data and is a good starting point.

Screenshot from the website. offers an extensive database of cemetery and burial records from thousands of cemeteries all over the world. Special collections include federal and state veterans' cemeteries, cemeteries of the California missions, and cemeteries that have been unfortunately flooded by dam building.

The site is primarily aimed towards genealogists and local historians, with an online archive of transcriptions from thousands of cemeteries across the world sourced from government bodies, churches, historical groups, and individuals. Arlington National Cemetery: Probably the most famous cemetery in the United States. and one of the oldest.

Only interments conducted after 1999 can actually be found online using the Nationwide Gravesite Locator; however, the site also offers a detailed list of daily funerals, comprehensive burial information, and a detailed listing of historical figures buried at the site.

Cemetery Junction Directory

Screenshot of the Cemetery Junction Directory website.

Cemetery Junction Directory is one of the oldest genealogical sites on the Web, with over 100,000 separate cemetery listings from all over the world. Includes cemetery listings and transcriptions (provided by volunteers) from the United States, Canada, and Australia.

The National Cemetery Administration

Screenshot of the US Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration.

At The National Cemetery Administration (part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs) you can browse through 131 national cemeteries in 39 different states. Click on a particular listing, and you'll see office and visitation hours, directions, historical information, historical figures buried there, and direct contact information.

Other Resources

In addition to sites listed above, there are other resources where you can find information about deaths, burials, interments, and funerals:

  • Death, Burial, Cemetery, and Obituaries: There is a wealth of information available here, including birth and death information, family origins, cemetery and interment details, and obituaries (note: this site requires a membership, but a free trial is available).
  • Cemeteries and Funeral Homes: Exhaustive list of resources to find graves or cemeteries or cemetery records. Cyndi's List is one of the best genealogical resources online.

Still Not Finding What You're Looking For?

Try the following resources to keep the search going. Remember, most of the time you're not going to find all the information you're looking for in one place; this almost never happens with detailed Web searches. However, with patience and persistence, it's definitely possible to locate your objective. Small pieces of information from many searches and sources eventually add up to a lot of information. 

  • How to Find Obituaries Online: Death notices, interment records, and obituaries can usually be tracked down online with a little bit of patience. However, sometimes the Web is merely a jumping-off point for research that can only be done in person at a records office. Use this article to help you in your research for obituaries.
  • The Top Ten Sites for Finding Public Records Online: Many town, state, and federal offices put public records online. Here are ten search tools you can use right now for free to track down the information that is available to the public. Many resources here do include gravesite records, death notices, and interment information.