A Look Back on Facebook Interest Lists

There was a time you could curate lists of your favorite people and pages

Facebook Interest Lists were discontinued in November of 2018, due to a lack of interest in the feature. The following article remains for information purposes only. If you're looking for a similar feature, use the Facebook Collection feature to save and group similar posts.

Facebook Interest Lists allowed users to organize their news feeds according to their personal interests, including status updates, posts, pictures, and stories from the people and pages the user added to a list.

A user could make different lists for topics, such as Sports, Recipes, or Fashion. Users could also list people according to interests or the types of things friends posted, such as Friends Who Post Cool Photos or Newsie Friends.

How Facebook Interest Lists Looked

Facebook Interest Lists

Facebook Interest Lists made it easy for people to follow other users or pages who posted about similar topics of interest. For instance, if a user created a Sports interest list, they could follow the pages for their favorite teams, athletes, and publications. More specifically, a list called NFL Teams could follow the pages of all the teams in the NFL.

How Facebook Interest Lists Worked

Facebook Interest List

Facebook users had the option to follow lists that were already created or create lists of their own. Although individual users could create and follow interest lists, Facebook pages could not follow interest lists.

Facebook Interest Lists could include a mix of posts from people and pages. For example, New York Giants football fans could create a list that included the team page as well as the players' Facebook profiles.

How Facebook Interest Lists Were Created

Facebook Interest List

To create a list, tap Add Interests in the left menu pane, and then select Create List. Once created, the interest would appear in the left menu pane as a shortcut for quick and easy access.

How Facebook Interest Lists Were Double Checked

Create New List in Facebook

Before creating a list, users could review every person and page they added to make sure they wanted to include them and didn't forget anything or anyone. In the lower-left corner of the screen, tap Selected to see which friends or pages were chosen to be a part of the list.

How Facebook Interest Lists Were Named

Facebook Interests Create New List

Users could give their newly created list a name. They could also choose their privacy settings to specify who could see their list.

Find Friends or Pages to Add to a Facebook Interest List

Facebook Interest List Create New List

To add friends or pages to a list, users could search for friends or pages within the interest tab that they wanted to add to their list. For example, to make a list for the Southeastern Conference, search for the athletic pages of each school in the SEC. Once the correct pages were found, select those pages. The check mark in the icon indicated the page was added to an interest list.

How Existing Facebook Interest Lists Were Found

Facebook Interest List Add Interests

In addition to creating interest lists from the Interests page, users could also subscribe to pre-curated interest lists by searching for a term or browsing through some of the suggested lists. For example, to follow all the teams on the NFL, search for NFL Teams, and select Subscribe.