How to Find a Contact's Mail Fast in Windows Live Hotmail

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Now you want to write a friend, and the question is: "What?" It should be interesting and creative and witty just like the friend — so why not glance over one of their recent emails for inspiration?

In Windows Live Hotmail, pulling up these emails is, thankfully, easy. You don't have to look up email addresses and key them into a search field even.

How to Find a Contact's Mail Fast in Windows Live Hotmail

To view recent messages from a contact fast in Windows Live Hotmail:

  • Go to Contact list.
  • Click the desired contact's name (or email address).
  • Find the five most recent emails from the sender under Recent e-mail.

To see all messages received from the contact's email addresses:

  • Click More... beneath the list of recent emails.

To include messages you sent to the contact:

  • Highlight the search term that appears in quotation marks above the results.
    • If the information bar reads Results for " OR". Return to inbox., for example, highlight OR
  • Press Ctrl-C (Windows, Linux) or Command-C (Mac).
  • Click in the search field right below the info bar.
  • Press Ctrl-V or Command-V.
  • Add " OR to:" followed by the contact's email address to the search term.
    • If the contact has multiple addresses, repeat this step for each address.
    • If you pasted " OR" in the search field, for example, first add " OR", then " OR" (excluding the quotation mark in each case).
      • Finally, the search field reads " OR OR OR" in this example.
  • Hit Enter.