How to Find and Use Climbing Gear in Zelda: BOTW

Climber’s Bandana, Climbing Gear, and Climbing Boots locations and upgrade guide

The Climbing Gear set in Zelda: Breath of the Wild comprises three pieces: the Climber’s Bandana, the Climbing Gear, and the Climbing Boots. Here's how to find the Climbing Gear in BOTW and what you need to upgrade the entire set.

Information in this article applies to Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

How to Get the Climbing Gear Armor Set in BOTW

The Climbing Gear in Breath of the Wild can be found inside treasure chests in the following shrines:

 Gear  Location  Region
Climber's Bandana Ree Dahee Shrine Dueling Peaks
Climbing Gear Chaas Qeta Shrine Hateno
Climbing Boots Tahno O’ah Shrine Hateno

Where to Find the Climber's Bandana

The Ree Dahee Shrine sits on the river that runs through the Dueling Peaks. From Dueling Peaks Tower, glide to the east and land on the northern mountain, then make your way down. Solve the puzzle inside the shrine and retrieve the Climber's Bandana as your reward.

Ree Dahee Shrine location in Zelda BOTW

Where to Find the Climbing Gear

Chaas Qeta Shrine resides on a tiny island southeast of the mainland in the Hateno. Climb atop the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and glide your way to the island. Once inside, you'll have to defeat a Guardian Scout IV if you want to walk out with the Climbing Gear, so go in prepared for a tough battle.

Chass Qeta Shrine location in Zelda: BOTW

Where to Find the Climbing Boots

Tahno O’ah Shrine is on the eastern side of Mount Lanayru. From the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, go northeast and look for a cliffside with a few trees and a cracked rockface. Bomb the cracked rock to reveal the entrance to the shrine. There is no challenge to clear; the monk inside will give you the Climbing Boots.

Tahno O’ah Shrine location in Zelda: BOTW

What Does the Climbing Gear Do?

Each piece of Climbing Gear slightly increases your climbing speed, allowing you to reach new heights before you run out of stamina. The effects are cumulative, so if you equip the entire set, you'll notice a significant difference in your climbing proficiency.

The Climbing Gear does not prevent Link from slipping when you try to climb in the rain.

Zelda: BOTW Climbing Gear Upgrade Guide

You can upgrade the Climbing armor set at Great Fairy fountains for an even more significant speed boost. If you equip the entire set after upgrading all three pieces twice, you'll unlock the Climbing Jump Stamina Up bonus, which reduces stamina costs when you jump while climbing.

You must upgrade each piece individually, but the materials required to upgrade are the same for the entire set.

Upgrade  Required Materials Defense
1st Upgrade 3 Keese Wings, 3 Rushrooms 5
2nd Upgrade 5 Electric Keese Wings, 5 Hightail Lizards 8
3rd Upgrade 5 Ice Keese Wings, 10 Hot Footed Frogs 12
4th Upgrade 5 Fire Keese Wings, 15 Swift Violet 20

Increase your climbing speed even more by consuming food or elixirs that boost your speed.

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