How to Find an Amazon Wish List or Registry

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Many Amazon subscribers may deliberately curate their wish lists so people can easily select a perfect gift. Some may use their wish lists as a place to collect their dream items they wouldn't purchase for themselves. Luckily, getting access to someone's Amazon wish list is a very simple task. Here's how to find an Amazon wish list and purchase items from it.

This method works best if you're logged out of your Amazon account or use Amazon in an Incognito Mode or Private Mode browser.

How to Find Someone's Amazon Wish List

  1. Go to the homepage.

  2. Hover over Account & Lists and select Find a list or Registry.

  3. Select the dropdown menu, then select List, Baby Registry or Wedding Registry depending on the specific type of gift you're planning to purchase.

  4. Type in your friend's name and select Search.

  5. Select your friend's profile and view the list.

  6. Select Remember to save the list for later. If you're prompted to log in to your Amazon account, do so.

  7. Browse the different lists to make sure you have your friend's specific list, since several people can have wish lists under the same Amazon account.

Several people may have the same name as your friend, or your friend's Amazon account could be under an alias. You may be able to identify your friend's wish list by their profile picture or their birthdate, if it's available. If not, you may have to go through every list and try to guess based on the items.

How to Purchase an Item From Your Friend's Amazon Wish List

  1. Select a gift, select Add to Cart, then select Proceed to Checkout.

  2. If your friend has a shipping address associated with their wish list, select the address on the checkout page under "Other addresses."

  3. If your friend doesn't have a shipping address associated with their wish list, you may have to enter their address for shipping or have the package shipped to your address and gift it in person.

  4. Select Gifting Options to add a message to the gift and remove any price details from the receipt.

  5. Confirm your payment information and select Place your order.

  6. Your order will be processed and shipped and you'll get delivery updates about the package to your email, just as you would if you purchased your own item. Your friend will not know about the package until it arrives.

If you're able to ship the package smoothly with their on-file shipping address, the item you purchased will be removed from their wish list once the order is complete.