How to Find All Unread Messages in Yahoo Mail

Access your new messages quickly in Yahoo Mail

You don't always want to read the newest emails in your Yahoo Mail inbox. Sometimes you want to see one you marked as unread or skipped. And sometimes, new emails can bury those messages in the meantime.

But Yahoo includes a couple of ways to pull out the unread messages in all of your folders (and extra accounts) and display them together on one screen.

These instructions apply to Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Mail Classic.

Find All Unread Messages in Yahoo Mail

To see unread emails in all your Yahoo Mail's folders:

  1. Click the Sort menu in the upper-right corner of the mail window.

    The Sort menu in the Yahoo Mail inbox
  2. Click Unread in the next menu.

    Unread messages in the Sort menu in Yahoo Mail
  3. All of your unread messages will move to the top of your inbox with the most recent ones on top.

Find All Unread Messages in Yahoo Mail Basic

To locate all unread emails in all folders using Yahoo Mail Basic:

  1. Click the sorting pulldown menu above the inbox. It may already say Date: Newest on top.

    Sorting pulldown menu in Yahoo Mail Classic
  2. Click Unread.

    The Unread option in the sorting menu in Yahoo mail
  3. Your unread messages will move to the top of the inbox.

How to Find All Unread Messages Using Search

You can also use the search bar to find your unread email messages in all versions of Yahoo Mail. Here's how.

  1. Tap the search bar at the top of the screen in Yahoo Mail.

    The search bar in Yahoo Mail
  2. Type is:unread in the search field.

    Searching for unread emails in Yahoo Mail
  3. Press Enter. The unread messages from all of the accounts and folders you have set up in Yahoo Mail will appear at the top of your inbox.

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