How to Find All Mail Exchanged With a Contact in Gmail

Find all emails from one person

How to find all emails from one person in Gmail

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Looking for a message in Gmail? If you want to know what mail you exchanged recently with a certain contact, there may be a more comfortable alternative to typing the person's email address in the Gmail search field.

How to Find All Emails from One Person in Gmail

To see all emails sent to or from an email address starting with a recent message (to or from) the sender:

  1. Open a conversation with the sender in Gmail.

  2. Select More at the end of the message.

    Screenshot of More in email conversation
  3. Select Filter Messages Like This.

    Screenshot of Filter Messages Like This
  4. Make sure the contact's name or email address is in the From line and choose Search. A list of messages you have received from that person will appear.

Starting With the Name or Email Address

To have Gmail bring up all emails exchanged with a certain email address:

  1. Select the Gmail search field.

    You can also press / (forward slash) with Gmail keyboard shortcuts enabled.

  2. Start typing the name or an email address for the contact. If possible, select an auto-complete entry for the contact or sender from what Gmail has suggested.

    Screenshot of search for name
  3. Select Enter or the search button (🔍).

Gmail will show contact details for the name or email address at the top, if possible. It will also list additional email addresses for the contact. Clicking any address will bring up a new message to that address. To search for messages exchanged with this additional address, you can copy and paste the address into the search field.

Using Alternate Addresses

To search for emails to and from multiple email addresses belonging to the same person (though, of course, not necessarily so):

  1. Select the Gmail search field or press /.

  2. Type to: followed by the first email address, followed by OR from: followed again by the first email address.

    Screenshot of search from:
  3. Now, for each additional address:

    Type OR to: followed by that email address, followed by OR from: followed by that address again.

    The complete string searching for "" and "" would be the following, for instance: OR OR OR
  4. Select Enter or the search icon (🔍).