Spoiler-Free Walkthrough of Final Fantasy VII, Part 1

Part I: Midgar

Midgar - Reactor 1

Once you jump off the train it’s a linear trek down to the reactor. Once you’ve planted the bomb there’ll be a boss fight.

Guard Scorpio: Use Bolt and regular attacks. Don’t attack when its tail is up.

After defeating Guard Scorpion, go back the way you came. Help Jessie when you see her and before you know it you’ll be in Sector 7.

Midgar - Section 7 Slums

Head to the 7th Heaven Bar and meet Tifa. Once that’s over, use the pinball machine to head to the AVALANCHE hideout and speak to Barret. Eventually, you’ll head on the next mission via the train.

Midgar - Subway Tunnel

Once you’re off the train you’ll go through a passage to the Sector 4 Plate.

Midgar - Sector 4 Plate

Head up the ladders to enter Reactor 5.

Midgar - Reactor 5

This reactor is set up much like Reactor 1. Head down to the bottom section of the reactor to plant the bomb then exit using the same route you use to escape from Reactor 1. There will be three panels that your party must hit at the same time to unlock a door. Wait until around 2 seconds after Tifa speaks and hit O and you should hit the button correctly. Once you exit the reactor there will be a boss battle.

Air Buster: Use Bolt and regular attacks and make sure to keep your party healed.

After defeating Air Buster you’ll find yourself in a church.

Midgar - Church

In the church, you’ll be formally introduced to Aeris. She’ll hire you as her bodyguard. Shinra troops and the Turks will attack and you’ll have to use a series of barrels to thwart them. Exit via the hole in the roof.

Midgar - Sector 5 Slums

Proceed to Aeris’ house. There you’ll meet her adopted mother, and you’ll be invited to spend the night. Her mom asks you to leave during the night so walk roughly in the middle of the floor to avoid waking Aeris and head back towards Sector 7 by proceeding into Sector 6.

Midgar - Sector 6

Head through the destroyed highway. Once you reach the playground you’ll see a scene and need to head towards Wall Market.

Midgar - Wall Market

Explore the area and you’ll find out that Tifa is attempting to infiltrate Don Corneo’s Mansion by using her feminine wiles. Talk to Aeris near the Honey Bee Inn and you’ll hatch a plan for Cloud to cross-dress to trick Don Corneo’s guards into letting him enter the mansion.

Depending on the items you collect to dress Cloud up, Don Corneo may pick either Tifa, Aeris or Cloud as his lady for the evening so if you want to ensure Cloud wins his heart you’ll want to pick either Tifa, Aeris or Cloud as his lady for the evening so if you want to ensure Cloud wins his heart you’ll want to get the best items possible.


Go to the dressmaker at the bar and he’ll ask you what kind of dress you want. In order from worst to best, “clean” will get you a Cotton Dress, “soft and shiny” will get you a Satin Dress, and “soft and “shimmers” gets you the Silk Dress.


Go to the gym and challenge one of the members to a squat-off. Slow and steady will win the race and net you the best wig: the Blonde Wig. If you lose you’ll either get the Dyed Wig or the regular Old Wig.


Head to the restaurant and order any item. When the cook asks you how it was, reply “okay.” He’ll give you a Pharmacy Coupon which you can use at the pharmacy to get one of three items for the patron at the bar that’s stuck in the bathroom. From best to worst: the Extinguisher nets you the Sexy Cologne, the Deodorant gets you the Flower Cologne, and the Disinfectant will have you receiving the regular Cologne.


Talk to the guy at the store at the North part of the market. He’s curious about what the vending machine at the local inn sells so he asks you to stay there for the night and buy him an item. If you buy the cheapest item, you’ll get a Glass Tiara. For the medium-priced item, you’ll get a Ruby Tiara, and for the most expensive item, you’ll get the best tiara, the Diamond Tiara.


Find the NPC in the Wall Market near the entrance to the Honey Bee Inn area. He’ll give you a Member’s Card which you’ll need to enter the building. Once inside you have the choice of either going in the top right room or the bottom right room. Before making your choice it’s worth it to save your game so you can see the scenes from both rooms, as they are hilarious.

For participating in the activities in the top right room you’ll receive the best underwear, the Lingerie. For checking out the bottom right room, you’ll get the Bikini Briefs, slightly used. Also make sure to peep in the two rooms on the left side of the hall for even more laughs.

Once you’ve obtained the items you desire, go to the dress shop to don your duds for the Don.

Midgar - Don Corneo’s Mansion

This scene can go one of two ways. If you put enough effort into your looks, Don Corneo will choose Cloud, and you’ll get to bear witness to an awkward moment. If the Don chose Tifa or Aeris, you’ll have to escape the Don’s henchmen and rescue the chosen girl from the Don’s clutches. In either case, you’ll end up in the sewers.

Midgar - Sewers

Once you’re thrown into the sewers, you’ll immediately fight a boss.

Apus: Hit the Boss with Fire and keep your HP up. A pretty standard boss battle.

Once you’ve defeated the Boss, proceed through the sewers to the spooky Train Graveyard.

Midgar - Train Graveyard

Head through the Train Graveyard and move the two brown trains to form a bridge over the debris and train cars. Once you’re through you’ll find yourself on the familiar Sector 7 train platform.

Midgar - Sector 7 Plate Support

The Turks are here to stop you by any means necessary. While you’ll only have to face Reno, he can be somewhat tricky.

Reno: This boss’s gimmick is encasing your party members in electric pyramids. Although it may occur to you to just keep attacking him instead of freeing your trapped party members if he traps all three it’s game over. When a character gets encased in a pyramid, attack the pyramid to free them and keep up your physical and magic attacks to take him down.

Midgar - Sector 6

It’s time to take the fight straight to the heart of Shinra, but before getting into that, head back to Aeris’ house in Sector 5 for a little plot, then proceed to the Wall Market.

Midgar - Wall Market

When you get here, you can take the opportunity to investigate Don Corneo’s Mansion and take any loot you may have missed the first time around. Once you’ve up your wandering, head to the weapon shop and speak to the man of the left to purchase the Batteries you’ll need to climb the wall to Shinra Building. 

Midgar - Sector 6 Wall

Access the wall from the northeast section of the Wall Market. Once there, you can scale the wall and use the Batteries in the sockets to clear a path to continue your climb. Once at the top you’ll be in front of the Shinra Building.

To enter the building you’ll have two choices. You can either crash through the front, which means more enemies, but also more items, or you can take the stairs all the way up to the 59th Floor. If you take the front entrance, you’ll have to take the elevator to the 59th floor and fight a series of random battles on the way. Either way you proceed you’ll eventually end up on the 59th Floor.

Midgar - Shinra Building - 59th Floor

You’ll need to kill the three grunts in front of the door to get the Key Card 60, which allows access to the next floor.

Midgar - Shinra Building - 60th Floor

On this floor ,​you must avoid the guards and keep them from spotting you. Have Cloud run whenever they’re turned away and once you reach the other side you’ll have to wave Tifa and Barret over by pressing the O button at the appropriate time. If you’re spotted by the guards you’ll have to fight them and start over. If somehow you can’t make it after four tries, then all the guards will be dead and you can cross at your leisure.

Midgar - Shinra Building - 61st Floor

This floor is devoid of guards or enemies. The grey-suited man in the lower right section of the room will give you the Key Card 62 as long as you pretend you’re part of the maintenance crew when you speak with him.

Midgar - Shinra Building - 62nd Floor

This is Shinra’s record-keeping level and you’ll have to solve a puzzle here to obtain the Key Card 65 to head to the next floor. Try to solve it the first try because doing so will get you an Elemental Materia.

Midgar - Shinra Building - 63rd Floor

This floor is optional. You’re tasked with gathering three treasures by only opening three doors. Use the ducts to help reach your goal.

Midgar - Shinra Building - 64th Floor

This is another optional floor. Make sure you use the save point here.

Midgar - Shinra Building - 65th Floor

On the floor, you must complete the model of Midgar by getting them out of the treasure chests scattered about. The chests unlock in order as you put pieces in the model, and the last one contains the Key Card 66 you need to move on.

Midgar - Shinra Building - 66th Floor

Use the grate over the toilet to climb into the ductwork and spy on the meeting between the Shinra top brass. Follow Hojo, the scientist in the lab coat, to the 67th floor.

Midgar - Shinra Building - 67th Floor

Hojo’s lab is where you’ll get some plot and a new party member. You’ll also fight a boss.

H0512: Concentrate on the main enemy, the little capsule guys will just respawn. This boss absorbs poison so make sure not to cast it on him. Use spells and physical attacks and he’ll fall.

Head down the elevator and meet up with your party and get the Key Card 68 from the NPC on the catwalk. After a heaping helping of plot, head where the blood trail leads for even more plot. After that hot steamy plot, your party will divide and you’ll end up facing a series of bosses.

Hundred Gunner & Heligunner: Just hit Hundred Gunner with Bolt and Barret’s physical attack. Red XIII and Aeris won’t be able to hit this enemy with their physical attacks because of the range, so make sure they’re equipped with some sort of Materia so they can be of use. When Hundred Gunner has taken enough damage it turns into Heligunner, just keep up the pressure and remember to heal and it’ll over before you know it.

Rufus Shinra: Kill Rufus’ dog first because it’ll heal him if left unchecked. After that just keep blasting him and he’ll go down.

After the fight with Rufus, the party makes their escape from the Shinra Building, but there’s one more boss to go…

Motor Ball: This is the hardest boss you’ve faced so far. Hit him with Bolt and regular attacks and make sure you’re keeping your health way up since he can hit all party members at once for major damage. Once Motor Ball goes down, the party leaves Midgar and heads into the big world!

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