Final Android 13 Beta Out Now

With the official release not far behind

The fourth and final beta release for Android 13 is here, which means the official OS release isn't far behind.

Android 13's beta has been running developer previews and beta releases since February of this year, but it looks like time is almost up. The final test run—Beta 4—is now available for everyone who's previously registered for testing or would like to sign up for an early peek. As is always the case with beta builds, there's a chance you'll encounter a bug that has yet to be worked out, but Google says it achieved platform stability in Beta 3, so it may not be as big of a risk this time around.

Detail view of a large sculpture representing the Android cellphone operating system, at the Googleplex

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This most recent beta release has finalized and optimized everything developers will need to finish testing their own apps in the new operating system. In fact, Google is urging developers to get their app affairs in order quickly so they can submit final builds before the official Android 13 release.

Android 13 beta timeline


Other changes with Android 13 include increased support for larger (i.e., tablet) screens. Multi-window/split-screen mode will be enabled by default, and a taskbar is being added to aid with multitasking.

Previously-enrolled Pixel users should be able to download the fourth Android 13 beta automatically with today's update. Otherwise, if you're interested in checking Beta 4 out, you can find details on the Android 13 developer site. As for the official release of Android 13, a solid date hasn't been given yet, but it's expected to launch sometime "in the weeks ahead."

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