Films We'd Love to See Re-released in 3D

A List of Classics that Would Look Great in Stereoscopic 3D

Let's have some fun shall we? Now I know there are people out there that absolutely hate 3D, and see it as nothing more than a gimmicky cash grab by the studios.

We disagree. We happen to like 3D, and in the right hands, we think it can be a very credible film-making tool. I know that folks tend to get up in arms when the prospect of altering an untouchable classic is brought up, but hypothetically what films would you be excited to see as a 3D re-release?

Post-conversion techniques have come a long way since Clash of the Titans a while back. Here are films that we would run to the cinema for if they happened to be re-released in stereoscopic 3D:

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Terminator 2 & Aliens

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They're both classics and they were both directed by the godfather of modern 3D, which means there's a greater than average chance for one or both of these to get the stereo treatment.

Cameron is a really busy guy who likes to take his time, so it may be years before we see either of these come to fruition. Thankfully, he proved long ago that Terminator looks great in 3D with his Universal Studios theme park adaptation. And Aliens. Boy, would we pay to see Ripley taking on the Xenomorph with the cargo loader suit.

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Blade Runner & Alien

Ridley Scott has indicated that Blade Runner may already be in the works, and if Blade Runner happens, you've got to think Alien will follow pretty close behind. After working with RED Epic 3D camera rigs on Prometheus, he made the comment, "I'll never work without 3D again, even for small dialog scenes." That's pretty high praise.

Blade Runner and Alien are two of the most atmospheric movies ever put to screen, and rank among the most highly regarded science fiction films of all time. I for one would be thrilled to see either of them make a triumphant return in glorious 3D.

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Now, we know it'll never happen considering Chris Nolan is one of the format's most outspoken detractors, but one can always dream (within a dream, within a dream). The film's set-pieces are just masterful, and all the imaginative settings would have looked so incredibly good in 3D. In our eyes, is the one that got away.


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The Matrix

The Matrix doesn't need much of an introduction—we think anyone who's seen it understands why it would be a knockout choice for 3D conversion. This movie redefined the way we thought about visual effects back in 1999, and would probably stun audiences all over again if the studio gave it a good stereo conversion.

Of course, a re-release would have two disappointing sequels worth of bad-will to contend with, but we think people would be willing to forgive and forget for a chance to see the original back in theaters.

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The Two Towers

Lord of the RingsThe Two Towers

Middle Earth's panoramic majesty is just dying to be seen in 3D and Peter Jackson is heavily invested in the format with his The Hobbit adaptations—don't be surprised if the Trilogy eventually gets converted. Until then, just be thankful that the Battle of Five Armies is finally coming to the silver-screen in a year or so.

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Hero is one of the most gorgeous movies I've ever seen, and to be perfectly honest, it gives me goosebumps to think about what it would look like with a well done 3D conversion. My only hangup is that much of the film's beauty is derived from the director's use of strikingly vibrant color, which would appear somewhat diminished through 3D glasses. I still think it'd look great.

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Aladdin, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast

We're pretty optimistic this will eventually happen.

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The Empire Strikes Back

Hardcore fans have never warmed up to the fact that old George has a propensity for altering his past work, but of all the Star Wars films, this is probably the one we'd most like to see in 3D.

Unfortunately, Lucas decided to start with the prequels, so hopefully, The Phantom Menace sold enough tickets to warrant 3D conversions for the rest of the series. Of course, the fact that Lucas has retired, calls the whole venture into question.

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Jurassic Park

You just know Jurassic Park would be an incredible 3D experience. From the moment the credits roll until the T-Rex battles off a pack of ferocious raptors, Spielberg's prehistoric masterpiece is full of sweeping vistas, claustrophobic kitchens, and a whole bunch of animatronic dinosaurs.

We keep thinking about how awesome the T-Rex chase scene would be with the king of the Theropods slowly gaining on the jeep, coming closer and closer in 3D space... Spielberg, if you're out there—please take some of that wonderful tech you used on Tintin and show the dinosaurs some love.

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2001: A Space Odyssey

Ridley Scott's Prometheus will tell us a lot about how well 3D works in a slow-burning psychological thriller.

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The Incredibles

Pixar's Up was the first stereoscopic film that we saw in theaters, and although the effect was relatively subtle for most of the film, there were a few flying sequences that really sold me on the value of 3D.

Although the tone of the two films is completely different, there are a lot of scenes in The Incredibles that feature aerial action similar to some of the stuff in Up, and How to Train Your Dragon.

So of all the Pixar films, The Incredibles is the one that would definitely get us into the theater if it were ever converted. But, you know what would be even better than seeing The Incredibles in 3D? Seeing Incredibles 2 in 3D. Come on Brad, give the fans what they want!

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Raiders of the Lost Ark

This is one of those movies where certain fans would just explode it was ever altered in any way. With Spielberg focused on other things and George set to retire, I think it's pretty safe to say that Raiders probably won't see a 3D conversion any time soon.

Still, this movie is the absolute embodiment of action-adventure. If 3D worked for Brendan Frasier in Journey to the Center of the Earth, you better believe Indy would look pretty cool in stereo.

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Akira was a landmark moment in the history of Japanese animation and went on to become one of the most influential animated films of all time. Alongside Inception and 2001, Akira is probably the biggest longshot on the list, but we have to imagine that watching Tetsuo come to terms with his godlike powers would be pretty exhilarating in 3D.