FileHippo App Manager v2.0

This updater is officially dead, but there are some great alternatives

FileHippo App Manager (previously called Update Checker) was a free software updater that could scan your computer for outdated software against its own collection of freeware at, and then let you download the most updated version directly to your computer from within the program.

This tool was really handy because it supported in-house updates, meaning that you didn't need to leave the updater and download updates manually. The Download & Run button would instantly download the updated software and start installing it.

Unfortunately, FileHippo no longer offers this program. This review of FileHippo App Manager v2.0 is retained for informational purposes only. There are several other free software updaters you can use instead, such as Patch My PC.

You can still find this program on some software download sites, but since it's been discontinued, installing it is pointless. Upon opening it, you'll be told there's an error obtaining program definitions, which are necessary for checking your computer for outdated apps.

More About FileHippo App Manager

FileHippo App Manager v2.0 in Windows 10
  • Can be used in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000
  • It shows the currently installed version number of a matching program and explains how long ago that version was released, along with the most up-to-date version number
  • The list of installed programs that it can update can be sorted in a way to show you the oldest programs that need updates—for example, it might show that your edition is v1.0 and that it was released two years ago, with a v5.0 available as an update
  • You can toggle options on the results page to show all the programs FileHippo App Manager detected on your computer (not just the outdated ones) as well as the install path and any beta versions that are available
  • All updates or just the current release can be hidden for any program so you will no longer see it on the results page (this step can be undone later if you want to see updates again)
  • Add custom folders to the scan settings so it will check elsewhere for outdated software instead of just the default program installation folders

FileHippo App Manager Pros & Cons

This was a simple program, but still managed to pack really important features found in similar software updaters:

What We Like
  • Can check for updates on a schedule

  • Downloads updates for you

  • Lightweight program

  • Supports lots of programs

  • Supports fast downloads

  • Lets you update your programs to beta versions

What We Don't Like
  • Not every program on FileHippo's website can be updated with this app manager

  • Doesn't support true batch downloads

Thoughts on FileHippo App Manager

When it worked, it worked well. It was easy to use without any extra, unnecessary settings, and it found and updated outdated programs for just about everything on our test computer.

The schedule was handy so that you can install FileHippo App Manager and then forget about it until one of your applications needs an update. Then, just update it from right there in the app manager and then be on your way — it's very, very handy.

One of the 'cons' above is that the program can't download updates in batch, and while it's true that there isn't a one-click button you can use to download all the updates at once, you do have the option to hit the Download & Run button next to each individual program. App Manager would download each of them at the same time, but you'd still need to choose Run next to each one when you're ready to install them.

FileHippo App Manager Alternatives

Without a software updater, you'd have to either update a program by visiting the developer's website or by checking for updates within your applications themselves. With an updater like this one, you can install updates for lots of your programs at once without ever leaving the program, which is really nice.

We recommend several other updaters, now that this one no longer works. Patch My PC, IObit Software Updater, OUTDATEfighter, and UCheck are some great options.

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