The Top File Download and File Transfer Add-Ons

The best free add-ons for file downloads and transfers

As high-speed Internet connections have become more and more commonplace, so has the popularity of downloading. Whether it be a song, game, movie, software application, or something else entirely, many of the things we desire can be obtained through the magic of a download. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? It can be if you have the right weaponry. The following add-ons, in combination with your browser, can help you locate what you are looking for and assist you in downloading it.


(Image © Federico Parodi and Stefano Verna).

DownThemAll! is an extremely powerful download manager and accelerator for the Firefox web browser. This feature-rich extension not only speeds up your downloads but allows you to easily retrieve links and images from a Web page.


Fire FTP
(Image © Scott Orgera).

FireFTP lets you access a full-featured File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client from right within your browser window, giving you the ability to upload and download files to and from FTP servers.

FlashGot Mass Downloader

FlashGot Mass Downloader
(Image © Giorgio Maone).

One of the more powerful yet easy-to-use download-related extensions, FlashGot Mass Downloader lets you download images, audio and video clips from almost any Web page to your local hard drive. It offers the ability to pick and choose which items you wish to save, as well as download all multimedia files from the active Web page in one fell swoop. With almost a million users, this add-on has been a favorite of the Firefox faithful for many years.

Flash Video Downloader

flash downloader
(Image © pos1t1ve).

Whenever an audio or video clip on the active Web page is downloadable via this add-on, its toolbar button will change colors to let you know. This chameleon-like notification comes in handy and works well on major sites including YouTube and Metacafe. Embedded images can also be downloaded in some instances, as well as full Flash games. While Flash Video Downloader makes it technically possible to retrieve these items it is important that you read the add-on's license before utilizing it, as some content may be copyrighted.

FoxyProxy Standard

(Image © Eric H. Jung).

Depending on your network and its limitations, such as an internal school or company configuration, proxies may be needed in order to access and download your desired content through the browser. In these cases, FoxyProxy Standard will activate user-defined proxies on-the-fly based on URL patterns and other configurable rules. This add-on, which supports almost three dozen languages, eliminates a great deal of manual user intervention. For those users looking for a simpler solution, the same developers offer FoxyProxy Basic.

Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper gives you the ability to capture and download audio, video, and image files from websites like YouTube and MySpace. You can also receive alerts whenever a new video is available within your interest range on a select group of sites.