FightCamp Boxing Trainer Bashes Competitors

Why ride when you can punch?

Key Takeaways

  • The FightCamp boxing trainer uses Bluetooth to track your punches.
  • FightCamp was a far better workout than any other home exercise equipment that I’ve tried. 
  • The interactive workouts were fun and challenging.
FightCamp Boxing Trainer

FightCamp’s interactive boxing trainer is the best home workout gear I’ve ever used.

Pricey Peloton bikes and other kinds of workout machines are all the rage during the coronavirus pandemic. I’ve been testing FightCamp’s offering, and it delivers a solid uppercut to the indoor cycling crowd. 

FightCamp aims to bring a boxing class to your home, and for the most part, it succeeds. It pairs a high-quality standing bag along with gloves and hand wraps that you insert Bluetooth trackers in. The trackers monitor your punches’ speed and frequency and guide you as you follow along with pre-recorded video workouts.

"By looking at the stats, I was motivated to complete or exceed every round’s punch goal."

Now’s the Time to Box

These are challenging times to get enough exercise. Gyms are closed in many areas, and snow is blanketing the Northeast. Like many people, I’ve been afraid to step on a scale recently. So, I was excited to try a boxing workout at home.  

Setting up FightCamp couldn’t have been easier. I paired the punch trackers to my iPad and inserted them into special pockets on the hand wraps included with the package. Once I had the gloves on, it was a matter of moments before I followed along as an instructor shouted commands and motivational tips. 

While you're throwing jabs, the trackers are counting every punch. Your work results are displayed on your iPhone or iPad (note that the app isn’t currently available for other devices). By looking at the stats, I was motivated to complete or exceed every round’s punch goal. 

Someone using FightCamp Boxing Trainer at home.

The workouts are what makes FightCamp special. I’ve been biking for decades, and while there’s something to be said for the zone out activities available with the likes of Peloton, there’s no doubt in my mind that boxing is far better exercise. Boxing requires full range movements that use every muscle of your body. By contrast, when you are using a machine like a bike or a rower, you are locked into a particular range of motion that makes it a less effective workout in the long run. 

The FightCamp classes themselves are well filmed, and obviously, a lot of money was spent on production values. FightCamp tries to make the onboarding process non-intimidating for beginners. It offers a video introduction that simplifies the basics of boxing. But it’s advanced enough that those who have some boxing experience won’t be bored. 

Sore in a Good Way

It’s an enjoyable and effective workout and a great way to blow off steam. My heart rate was climbing within seconds of starting my first workout, and I was left sore for days afterward but in a good way. 

The best part of FightCamp for me was how it was so easy to jump into a quick workout. I tend to gear up with special biking shoes, shorts, and then cue up a class with my spinning bike. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the time and motivation to fit in a workout. With FightCamp, on the other hand, I could just slip on the gloves and start one of the short workout sessions within seconds. I found myself using the FightCamp several times a day while my bike sat unused. 

Female boxer sparring.
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One thing to consider is that the FightCamp bag is big. There’s no getting around the fact that it’s a giant bag sitting in the middle of your living room. That said, it’s the best looking boxing bag I’ve ever seen, with elegant curves and a stark white color that blends into your room surprisingly well. It comes with matching white boxing gloves. And while it’s bulky, the bag takes up no more floor space than my exercise bike. 

The FightCamp isn’t cheap, starting at $1,219 for a full package, including the bag, gloves, and punch trackers. It's less expensive than the Peloton, which starts at $1,895. I’ve been boxing on and off for years, and I can say with certainty that you are getting top-quality equipment with FightCamp. 

If you are considering whether to buy a Peloton vs. the FightCamp, consider this: do you want to be a rider or a fighter? I’ll take the latter. 

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