Fight for a Top Spot Among the Elite in Netflix’s New 'Triviaverse'

Test yourself or go head-to-head with a friend

Put your random information retention to the test with a new "trivia experience" from Netflix (yes, Netflix).

If you enjoy trivia or are just curious to see how many random facts you can remember, and you have a Netflix subscription, the streaming service has something new for you. This "quick-hit trivia experience," dubbed Triviaverse, offers lots of random questions you have to answer in as little time as possible. And surprisingly, none of it appears to be about Netflix's streaming catalog.

A trivia answer sheet sitting on a table with a pen and glass of beer.

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Whether playing solo or against someone else in two-player mode, the goal is simple: Guess as many questions correctly as you can within the time limit, and achieve a high score. Questions progress through multiple rounds of increasing difficulty (three for one-player, two for two-player) and cover a wide variety of categories.

The higher your scores get, the more badges the Triviamaster gives you. You start with semi-insulting titles like "Preschool Graduate" and "Lucky Guesser" at lower ranks and move your way up to "Triviaverse God." Though Netflix hasn't revealed just how many points are needed for any score ranks, you'll have to play (or check with Google in a few days) to see how far you can get.

Triviaverse is rolling out today and is playable on anything that can handle "Netflix interactive experiences,"—including game consoles, media players, smart TVs, browsers, and smartphones. The new trivia challenge also supports Brazilian Portuguese, Castilian Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Latin American Spanish.

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