FIFA+ Streams Thousands of New & Archived Games for Free

Along with news coverage and original video content

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has just launched its own digital streaming platform, dubbed FIFA+, which aims to provide loads of football/soccer content for free.

If you like to keep up on your football/soccer games, FIFA's new FIFA+ streaming platform might make that a little easier for you. According to FIFA's press release, the service will provide streams of thousands of games throughout 2022, along with many added bonuses.

FIFA+ smartphone mockup


So what do you actually get with FIFA+? Assuming it makes good on its promises, you'll have access to thousands of live games throughout the year, as well as FIFA's entire archive of Men's and Women's World Cup footage. It's also touting a new feed that will be updated daily from around the world, including some interactive elements like fan polls and quizzes.

FIFA+ original "Icons"


Original content—documentaries, short videos, talk shows, and more—are also on offer, starting with a handful of videos and series and expanding throughout the year. Captains: Season 1 is an eight-part series about captains trying to get their teams to the 2022 World Cup; Icons comprises five separate episodes, with each one highlighting a different "game-changer" for women's football/soccer, and so forth.

FIFA+ is launching today for web and mobile devices (additional connected device support is coming "soon"), with plans to split stream coverage between men's, women's, and youth games. English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish languages are currently supported, with six more unspecified languages being added in June.

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