Features of IP Phones

The IP Phone 1140E
Geek2003/Wikimedia Commons

The features that come along with an IP phone are varied depending on their manufacturers, functionalities, and the solutions they are supposed to bring.

Generally, IP phones basically carry these features:

Graphical LCD display screen, mostly monochrome

This screen is important for many things, including features like Caller ID. Some advanced IP phones even have color LCD screens that allow you to carry out video conferencing and web surfing.

Multiple programmable feature keys

There are many basic and advanced features that a phone (and above all, one as sophisticated as an IP phone) offers. These keys give you the interface to handle these features. Some of the VoIP features offered by VoIP service providers require your phone to have special in-built hardware features to be used.

Ports for network and PC connections

The RJ-11 port allows you to connect to an ADSL line for Internet connection. The RJ-45 port(s) allow you to connect to an Ethernet LAN. Multiple RJ-45 ports turn the phone into a switch that can be used to connect other network devices and other phones.

Full-duplex speaker phone

There are three ways communication can be made:
Simplex: one way (e.g. radio)
Half-duplex: two ways, but only one way at a time (e.g. talkie walkie)
Full-duplex: two ways, both ways simultaneously (e.g. phone)

Integrated headset jack

You can use this jack to connect the phone to a headset.

Support for multiple languages

If you are better off with, say French, you can change the language settings to put you more at ease.

Support for network management

This is rather technical. Network management involves monitoring network devices, using a protocol called SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).

Personalized ringing tones

You can set a personalized ringing to some of your special contacts, so that you can identify them a distance away when they call.

Data encryption

The voice data or any multimedia data passing to and from your IP phone will be subject to network security threats. Encryption is one of the best ways to secure data.

Added to these features attached to your IP phone, you can benefit from other great features that your VoIP service provider can offer. Learn more on these features here.