FCC Documents Reveal Surface Duo 2 Improvements

To be announced during this week's Microsoft Surface Event

Microsoft’s new Surface Duo 2 reportedly will have near-field communication (NFC), 5G, and ultra-wideband compatibilities. 

According to Windows Central, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) published documents last week detailing Microsoft’s filing, which noted the device will include those capabilities in addition to "Wireless Power Transfer"—which Windows Central notes potentially could mean Qi Wireless charging or charging for the Surface Pen. 

Surface Duo device

The 5G and NFC compatibility would be the first time these features were made available in a Surface Duo device and something customers have been asking for. The FCC documents also mentioned ultra-wideband support included in the Surface Duo 2.  

Other specs we could potentially see in the new Surface Duo 2 are that it could be powered by the Snapdragon 888 processor and have a triple camera arrangement, according to 9to5Google

The Surface Duo 2 is expected to be released during a virtual Microsoft Surface hardware event on Wednesday. There also is speculation that the company may introduce the Surface Pro 8, the Surface Go 3, a Surface Pen, or the Surface Book. 

A Windows system update notification displayed on a laptop screen.

Clint Patterson / Unsplash

Hopefully, the new Surface Duo device will improve the original phone, since the first generation Surface Duo was plagued with clumsy, buggy software, a bad camera, and a fragile, plastic frame. 

However, the original Surface Duo device did have solid battery life and nice-looking hardware, so those two positives should carry over to the new device. 

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