What Is an FBR File?

FBR files are screen recordings saved in a video format

What to Know

  • An FBR file is a screen recording made and used by FlashBack Express.
  • Convert to AVI, MP4, WMV, etc., with FlashBack software.

This article describes what an FBR file is, how to open one, and how to save a recording to a different format like MP4 or AVI so that it's playable through other software.

What Is an FBR File?

A file with the FBR file extension is a FlashBack screen recording file, sometimes called a FlashBack movie file, used to store video recordings of a computer screen. Videos are often combined with images, sound, and text for use in software demos or training videos.

Another file that uses this extension is a Mercury screen recording used by the HP Quality Center software for sending video evidence of problem software during testing.

FBR is also short for some other technical terms, but they don't have anything to do with the file formats mentioned on this page. Examples include front-to-back ratio with regard to antenna signal strength, and the fabric-based replication technique for storing data.

How to Play FBR Video Files

FBR files.

FlashBack videos are made and opened with the free FlashBack Express software suite (previously called BB FlashBack).

If you want to play the FBR video in other programs like VLC, or on an Android or iOS device, you should first convert it to a format like MP4 (see how below) that's supported by those programs and devices.

Some versions of TestAssistant, another program from the same makers of FlashBack Express, use the FBR file extension as well, but only for versions 1.5 and newer. Older ones use the FBZ file extension.

See this FlashBack Support article if your FBR file is corrupt and causing problems when you try to open it.

HP's Mercury screen recorder produces FBR files only when connected to Micro Focus' Quality Center. A tool called HP Mercury Screen Player might be able to open the FBR file, but we can no longer find a link to that software.

How to Convert an FBR File

An FBR file opened with the free version of FlashBack Express is saved as an MP4, but you can also convert it to AVI. The professional version supports even more export formats, including MPEG4, WMV, QuickTime (H264), GIF, EXE, and PPT.

Once the video is in one of those formats, you can run the file through a free video converter to save it to a different format like FLV (and dozens of others), or even to just an audio file format like MP3.

FlashBack Express can also convert a regular video file into the FBR file format, through the Tools > Convert Video File to FlashBack Express Movie menu.

We're not aware of any converter tools that support Mercury screen recorder files. However, if you happen to get your hands on a copy of HP Mercury Screen Player, you might be able to export the video to a different file format, much like you can with the FlashBack software.

Still Can't Open the File?

The first thing to check if you can't get your file to open with the programs mentioned above is its file extension. Make sure it reads "FBR" and not something similar like BRL, BR5, GBR, or FOB. Just because the file extensions look similar (they share some of the same letters) doesn't mean they can open with the same programs.

The same is true for others like FB2, which is for eBook files; FBC files that are Family Tree compressed backups; Photoshop's ABR brushes; and FlashGet's incomplete download files that have the FB! file extension.

Also, keep in mind that older versions of TestAssistant (prior to 1.5) use the FBZ file extension but that the file still might open with FlashBack Express.

If you're sure that you're dealing with an FBR file that was created by the FlashBack screen recording software and double-clicking the file doesn't let you play it, consider changing the default program that opens FBR files to be FlashBack Express.

An alternative method for playing the FBR video is to open the player software first and then use the File > Open menu to select the video manually.

  • How do you open an FBR file in VLC?

    To play an FBR video file in VLC media player, you must convert it to a compatible format such as AVI. You can use a third-party conversion tool, such as IOTransfer.

  • Can I open an FBR file in Windows Media Player?

    You can convert FBR to WMV with FlashBack Player. Go to File > Open and select the FBR file. Select File > Export and choose the video format you want.

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