Top 25 Favorite Thanksgiving E-Card Sites 2018

Thanksgiving turkey
It is iconic turkey season in e-card land as well. StockUnlimited

Send Thanksgiving e-cards from the web's best greeting card sites.

Sending Thanks, and Sending Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, of course, is a time to look back and give thanks for what has been. Why not, though, also be thankful for what will be? And, most easily, convincingly and happily, say "thanks" for what is?

Wonderful ways to emanate gratitude abound. Email greetings, for example, can convey a heartfelt "thanks" or an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner with style, fun, creativity and simplicity.

Here are my favorite sites to send Thanksgiving e-cards.

Ojolie Thanksgiving Cards
Ojolie Thanksgiving Cards. Ojolie
The beautifully drawn squirrel family is up to something... and I have a suspicion it has something to do with Thanksgiving. Send one of the most classy e-cards from Ojolie, or create a culinary masterpiece.
Jacquie Lawson - Thanksgiving E-Cards
Jacquie Lawson - Thanksgiving E-Cards.
It's the hat of plenty that delivers an amazing Thanksgiving surprise in the classy Thanksgiving cards by Jacquie Lawson.
Katie's Cards - Thanksgiving E-Cards
Katie's Cards - Thanksgiving E-Cards.
Whether they paint a turkey and cornucopia or a Thanksgiving dinner's fragrance and ambiance, Katie's wonderfully done Thanksgiving e-cards will color recipients delighted.
Send comforting notes, Autumn magic, a dancing turkey, and more great Thanksgiving cards of high quality from
It's a glorious and festive Thanksgiving at with countless and wonderful vintage postcards.
It's a diverse and a wonderful (albeit a bit boring) collection of Thanksgiving cards that paid members of can select from.
JibJab's Thanksgiving cards are as funny, of course, as they are diverse; no wonder: some of them star you.
Capture, then send, the warm and golden Thanksgiving spirit with glorious Leanin' Tree cards.
Excitingly earthy tones meet flippantly funny messages for entirely enticing Thanksgiving greetings at VerveCards (where the cards are self-contained and don't send recipients hunting to a web site for retrieval).
Express gratitude in style with skillfully painted, Christian-themed cards from DaySpring.
Gobble, gobble, gobble: devour the sweet and smart Thanksgiving e-cards at GroupCard, and have friends join the fun by signing them before they're delivered, too.
Thanksgiving with all the flair and charm and colors of the original
Browsing's long list of Thanksgiving cards is free, but to send a card (and the quality of the cards makes it very likely you'll want to do that) you'll have to hand over a moderate fee.
There is something inherently and substantially elegant about Thanksgiving, don't you think? The colors, the food, and the sentiment all are noble in the best sense. At, you'll find Thanksgiving greetings that are elegant, but you can also send funny or spectacular cards, of course.
With style and simplicity, send Thanksgiving greetings to your Plaxo contacts — or anybody else. Standard wishes are available for inspiration.
Not only can you send Thanksgiving cards featuring turkeys (among many other nice themes), you can also do something for the environment by doing it: Care2 donates part of its revenue to environmental organizations.
From football to turkeys in various styles, MyFunCards has a Thanksgiving cards for just about every recipient.
Choose from a huge selection of warm and lovely cards that emphasize the friendliness that's — Thanksgiving.
They're not exactly 1001 in number, but they're all nicely drawn and funny: the Thanksgiving cards at 1001 Postcards.
Whether you eat tofu, pumpkins or apple pie, Hillel has a simple, nice and atmospheric Thanksgiving card to send.
Ah, the Victorian era sure knew how to eat, drink and be merry! These Thanksgiving cards derived from classic greeting cards show it, and you can send them easily via email.
Turkeys and pumpkins, pigs and birds, candles and windmills: they all come in three dimensions from GreetingSpring, and go out in crisp Thanksgiving greetings.
Football, food, friends and family form Thanksgiving's quadrity in the wonderful canine greeting cards you can send from Sloppy Kiss Cards.
At, you can celebrate Thanksgiving traditions with lovely cards just as much as express simple, unconditioned thankfulness.
Turkeys, fruits and leaves: send neat and richly colored Thanksgiving greetings from