The Fastest Ways to Open Apps on Your iPad

One of the most common exercises  people perform on their iPad is hunting through page after page trying to find a specific app.   This is a problem that gets worse the longer you own an iPad and the more apps you download.  Even creating folders for the apps doesn't always solve the problem, because then you are simply substituting opening different folders for swiping through pages hunting for that needle in the haystack.  But there are a few very fast ways to open an app even if you don't remember where the icon resides.  

How to Become the Boss of  Your iPad

The Spotlight Search feature on the iPad is very powerful, but many people never use it.  You can open Spotlight Search two ways: (1) You can swipe down on the Home Screen being careful not to swipe from the very top of the screen (which will open the Notification Center), or you can keep swiping from left to right on the Home Screen until you 'scroll' past the first page of icons and into the Expanded Spotlight Search.   

Spotlight Search automatically shows app suggestions based on your most used and most recently used apps, so you might find your app right away.   The Extended Spotlight Search adds contacts, a section of nearby shortcuts and news from the News app to the screen.  

If you don't see your app in one of the suggested apps, simply start typing it in the search bar at the top of the screen.  The search feature not only works with apps, it will also find music, movies and even websites.  A new feature will also allow Spotlight Search to look inside your apps, so searching for a specific movie might give you the a link to the IMDB page or a shortcut to the movie in Netflix.   More »

Siri is full of great shortcuts that many people don't use because they either don't know about them or feel a little silly talking to their iPad.  But rather than spending a few minutes hunting down an app, you can simply tell Siri to "Launch Netflix" or "Open Safari".  

You can activate Siri by holding down the Home Button.  If this doesn't work, you'll need to turn on Siri in your Settings first.   And if you have "Hey Siri" turned on in the Siri settings and your iPad is plugged into a power source, you don't even need to hold down Siri to activate it.  Simply say "Hey Siri Open Netflix".  

Of course, there are many other great features that go along with Siri, such as leaving yourself reminders, scheduling meetings or checking the weather outside.   More »

Did you know you can exchange the apps on your iPad's dock? The dock is the area at the bottom of the Home Screen that displays the same apps no matter which screen of apps you are on at the time.   This dock will actually hold six different apps, although the iPad defaults to only five apps being on the dock.  You can move apps on and off the dock the same way you would move them around the screen.  

This gives you a great area to put your most used apps.  You can even create a folder and move it to the dock, giving you quick access to a larger number of apps.    More »