Fasterfox Firefox Add-on Review

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The Bottom Line

Update: This add-on has been disabled by an adminstrator

The Fasterfox add-on for Firefox speeds up your browser by utilizing a series of network and performance tweaks. Idle time is taken advantage of using a content prefetching mechanism to help you achieve the fastest load times possible. Also including a popup blocker focused on Flash plug-ins, this extension can help you get the most out of your browser.


  • Popups opened via Flash plugin exploits can be suppressed.
  • Existing presets contain ideal settings depending on your individual preferences.
  • HTTP Pipelining can provide very noticeable speed increases.
  • The load timer is placed in a sensible location in your Firefox browser window.
  • Settings can be configured to increase load to web servers or to stay within the boundaries.


  • The FastBack Rendering feature only works with Firefox v1.5.


  • Fasterfox optimizes your Firefox web browser via a series of tweaks and performance tests.
  • The Courteous preset performs rendering tweaks only and does not increase web server load.
  • The Optimized preset increases browser performance by performing network optimization within RFC specifications.
  • The Turbo Charged preset is active by default and exceeds RFC specs by increasing web server load for maximum performance.
  • Using the Custom preset lets you modify browser cache capacity as well as DNS cache expiration and entries.
  • The Custom preset also lets you specify several HTTP connection preferences.
  • Page rendering preferences can be configured by modifying paint and submenu delays.
  • Popups initiated via Flash plugins, not recognized by most popup blockers, can be stopped with Fasterfox.
  • Enhanced prefetching utilizes idle bandwidth to silently obtain and cache links for faster page loads when they are clicked.
  • Integrated page load timer tests your current settings.

Guide Review - Fasterfox

The Fasterfox add-on works behind the scenes to turbo charge your Firefox browser when it comes to loading web pages. By overriding the browser's built-in prefetching feature with a more powerful version, most links are silently loaded in the background before they are clicked. This effective use of idle bandwidth speeds things up tremendously. Couple that with improved rendering techniques along with pipelining requests and you have a vastly improved browsing experience. For more advanced users, detailed cache and connection settings can be tweaked to your liking. The options interface is easy to navigate and to understand. Finally, this add-on blocks even those sneaky popups that are launched by a Flash exploit. Fasterfox is a silent yet effective addition to your web browser.