Faryaab Sheikh

Faryaab Sheikh is a 20-year old, London-based technology writer. Ever since he was a child, he never liked playing with stuffed animals or toy cars. Instead, he liked tinkering with computers and mobile phones. He was (and still is) fascinated by the rapid advancement in technology, and where it will lead us in a few years' time.


At the age of 15, Faryaab was hired by SamMobile.com - a Samsung-exclusive publication with currently over 7 million registered members - as a News Writer. A few months later, he was given the position of the Senior Editor for a year, before being appointed the Editor-in-Chief of the outlet. He's also known for breaking exclusive Samsung news before the Korean giant making it official. And he has a pretty impressive track record.

Before entering the writing scene, heĀ used to develop custom Android ROMs for flagship Samsung devices over at XDA-Developers.

Check out Faryaab's LinkedIn profile for more details.


Faryaab's currently doing BTEC Level 3 IT: Programming from Ealing, Hammersmith, and West London College.

He was once a keynote speaker at a Google Developers Group conference, where he presented a speech to over 300 university students, a few CEOs, and Google executives.

Faryaab Sheikh

Always listen to your heart, because it's right most of the time.

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