Dominate Farmville with These Tips and Tricks

Use these tactics in the popular Facebook game and reap the rewards

Farmville can be complicated if you're not quite sure what you're doing. This game with its constant requests for your time is both simple yet addictive. Building a farm seems so easy and yet picking and planting the right crop, then maintaining it, harvesting it, and even taking care of animals can be so much fun that before you know it, time will fly by. 

But as fun a time sink as it is, Farmville can be exploited for fun and profit. This game, like many sim-type or level grinding games on Facebook, requires so much time invested to gain enough cash, levels, and items to maintain that little virtual farm. Some are happy with the slow pace, and some aren't. So to those not so patient types, here are some cheats to help that farm grow even better (and faster). You're going to want to utilize these tips if you want to get anything done more quickly.

Gaining Vast Amounts of Farmcash from the Getgo

If you head over to you'll find a menu at the bottom of the page, where you'll find the button to launch Farmville.

When it is fully installed, your Farmville account is rewarded 10 Farmcash. Now the loophole here is simple. Just uninstall and reinstall the bar as many times as you want. The system won't notice the constant downloads so stockpiling a bit of farm cash is easily done this way. This isn't the most decent trick in the book, but it will end up bolstering your efforts, so at least there's that, right?

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Gifts tend to contain many rare items and upgrades. But maybe you don't have a lot of Facebook friends that play FarmVille. Here's a way to make everyday a gift day. Simply make a bunch of Facebook accounts. Start a FarmVille account on all of them, and then have each account send gifts to your main account. And since we're talking about gifts, you might want to check out the next tip right away. 

Sending Friends More Than One Gift per Day

You can also spread the wealth to other Facebook friends by sending them extra gifts. When you log into FarmVille, click the 'Free Gifts' option. Down the list of gifts, select one and then click proceed. Then go through and check off the list of friends you want to send things.

Now before you hit that send key, make new browser tabs pulling up FarmVille. Repeat the process up to the checkoff of people keeping all windows open. When you feel you've made enough tabs, click send to all of them.

Speed Racer Farming

Yes, you can indeed make your character work faster by holding them hostage. Trapping your character at the bottom of hay bales promotes faster productivity. Just entrap them in about twelve hay bales, three on all four sides of them. Then they won't have anything to do but work their little lives away. Hey, it sounds cruel, but Facebook's Farmville is a harsh mistress. 

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