Fancy Toaster Maker Is Getting Into Smartphones

The first phone is 5G, with 6GB RAM, and a 4.9" screen

The maker of the $300 toaster, BALMUDA, is branching out into mobile devices with its upcoming BALMUDA compact 5G smartphone.

It may seem odd when a company known for making a costly, steam-powered toaster announces a new smartphone, but in fairness, it is a rather complex toaster. To its credit, BALMUDA is taking the new device very seriously—touting a compact form factor and 5G capabilities. It's even created a BALMUDA Technologies sub-brand, specializing in the development of IT technologies.

BALMUDA Phone (back)


In addition to the compact size and 5G, the BALMUDA phone also offers charging via USB-C or a wireless connection. It contains 6GB of RAM and a Qualcomm®︎ Snapdragon 765 CPU, features fingerprint ID biometrics, and is both water and dust-proof (IPX4).

And it sports a 4.9-inch full HD display screen, though it ends up weighing less than half a pound (closer to five ounces).

SoftBank Corp. will be the exclusive carrier for the BALMUDA Phone in domestic markets. However, SIM-free models will be available for purchase as well. So if you want to get your hands on one, you could, in theory, import it and set it up with your own SIM card.

A brief tutorial on switching over from an iPhone or Android phone is also available.

BALMUDA Phone (front)


The BALMUDA Phone will be available for purchase for ¥ 104,800 (about $916 USD) online or in-person from its stores in Aoyama, Matsuya Ginza, or Hankyu Umeda.

Reservations open on November 17, with a planned release for November 26. There's been no mention of an international release.

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