How to Use Fancy Fonts in Windows Live Hotmail Emails


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Windows Live Hotmail was Microsoft's free web-based email service, designed to be accessed via the web, from any machine on the internet. 

The History of Windows Live Hotmail

Next to Gmail, Hotmail was one of the world’s most recognizable email services. Back in 1997, when Microsoft bought it from the original creators, Hotmail offered something unique from most email inboxes: independence from ISPs like America Online (AOL).

In 2005. Microsoft announced a new set of services that were designed to extend the user experience on Windows. This new suite was called Windows Live, which you might recognize in products like the now open source Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Essentials. As part of this movement, Microsoft planned to phase out Hotmail and replace it with a new mail system called Windows Live Mail. But testers and users complained about the change and how they preferred the Hotmail brand, Microsoft backtracked and settled on Windows Live Hotmail.

The Windows Live brand was discontinued in 2012. Some of the services and products were integrated directly into the Windows operating system (e.g. apps for Windows 8 and 10), while others were separated and continued on their own (e.g. Windows Live Search became Bing), while others were simply axed.

Outlook Is Now the Official Name of Microsoft's Email Service

Around that same time, Microsoft introduced, which was essentially a rebranding of Windows Live Hotmail with an updated user interface and improved features. Adding to the confusion, current users were allowed to keep their email addresses, but new users could no longer create accounts with that domain. Instead, new users could only create addresses, even though both email addresses use the same email service. Thus, Outlook is now the official name of Microsoft's email service, formerly known as Hotmail and Windows Live Hotmail.

How to Use Fancy Fonts in Windows Live Hotmail Emails

You don't have to rely on the default font when you send a message with Windows Live Hotmail — at least not if you have the Windows Live Hotmail rich-text editor turned on.

To change the font used for the body of your Windows Live Hotmail message

  • Make sure the rich-text editor is enabled for the message you are composing.
  • Select the desired font from the formatting toolbar.

Apply Fancy Fonts When and Where You Like

You can also apply any font to part of your Windows Live Hotmail message body later:

  • Highlight the text you want to assign a different font to with your mouse.
  • Select a font from the formatting toolbar.

You can also change the default font formatting for new messages in Windows Live Hotmail.