10 Very Famous Internet Cats

A list of cats making it big on the web

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For some amazingly weird and unknown reason, the internet has always seemed to love cats. Dogs are certainly catching up, but cats are still at the top.

Photos, videos, GIFs and crazy viral memes of cats rule the web, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, thanks to wildly successful viral power of the average house cat, several photogenic felines have found fame through social media and image sharing websites.

Check out the list below to see some of the most famous Internet cats.

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Grumpy Cat

Photo from GrumpyCats.com

“Tard” the Grumpy Cat has arguably been one of the most successful cats in internet famous cat history. Photos of her adorable frowning facial expression made its way on to the web around late summer of 2012. Since then, everyone has wanted more of Grumpy Cat.

She became so famous on the web, a movie deal starring Tard has herself is now in the works. Unfortunately, due to complications from a urinary tract infection, Grumpy Cat passed away in May of 2019. Of course, she'll forever live on through the meme images that continue to be shared across the web.

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Lil Bub

Photo from LilBub.com

Runt-of-the-litter Lil Bub started making waves on the web in November of 2011 after photos of her were uploaded to social sites like Tumblr and Reddit.

She’s a cat with dwarfism so she doesn’t look like the average cat. Her short little legs, big friendly eyes and pink tongue that sticks out all times are just some of Bub’s adorable characteristics that made the web fall in love with her.

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Nyan Cat

Photo from YouTube.com

Nyan Cat isn’t exactly a specific real life cat. Instead, it’s a character from a bizarre YouTube video that went insanely viral in 2011. The video features a pixelated animation of a gray cat with a Pop-Tart as its body and a colorful rainbow trail flying out behind it.

The entire video is just three minutes and 37 seconds of Nyan Cat flying through the sky, set to Japanese pop music. As of August 2019, the original video has almost 170 billion views on YouTube.

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Keyboard Cat

A screenshot of YouTube.com.

Here’s another cat made famous from being in a viral YouTube video, but this time, it’s not an animation. A video of a cat named “Fatso” playing an electronic keyboard was filed all the way back in 1984, but wasn’t uploaded to the web until 2007.

Unfortunately, Fatso passed away in 1987, but his legend lives on through the original Keyboard Cat YouTube video. The video has over 55 million views as of August 2019.

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Colonel Meow

Photo from Instagram.com/ColonelMeow

Colonel Meow could have been Grumpy Cat’s long lost relative. He was a very fluffy gray Himalayan Persian cat with a darkened face and green eyes.

The way his facial features look make him seen like he’s always displeased – even more so when his hair is a mess. Colonel Meow went viral after he was featured on The Daily What back in September of 2012. Sadly, he passed away in 2014 due to health complications at the young of age of two years old .

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A screenshot of YouTube.com.

Maru is an adorable little Scottish Fold from Japan. She started becoming popular on YouTube when her owners started uploading videos of her.

Her channel features several videos of her doing regular adorable cat things, but what makes her super special are the videos that feature her intense determination to try and squeeze herself into any sized box, no matter how small it is.

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Princess Monster Truck

Photo from Instagram.com/PrincessMonsterTruck

Princess Monster Truck is a relatively new character to break out in the world of famous Internet cats, only having been discovered on the web in April of 2013.

She’s a fluffy back Persian cat with a very strong under bite, which causes her lower jaw to stick out. She made her big break on Instagram, and as of August 2019 her account has attracted over 239,000 followers.

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Photo from Facebook.com/Spangles09

Here we have yet another cat with a very unique look. Spangles isn’t grumpy looking, nor does he have dwarfism or a lower jaw that juts out. He was born with one crossed eye, although he can see perfectly fine.

Spangles became popular in September of 2012 after his owner started dressing him up in costumes and posting photos of him on Facebook. Spangles’ Facebook page has over 50,000 fans as of August 2019.

He unfortunately went missing back in 2016 and was never found. His Facebook page isn't active anymore, featuring one last post from his owner made in July of 2018.

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Standing Cat

A screenshot of YouTube.com.

A tabby cat named Rocky went viral after a video was uploaded to YouTube featuring him standing upright on his hind legs, seemingly staring out a window for just under a minute.

The video is made even more hilarious by the strange music that plays as Rocky tries to hold his balance while his eyes stay hypnotically fixated on something out of view. The original video was uploaded in November of 2009 and has over 7 million views as of August 2019.

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Photo from Pusheen.com

Like Nyan Cat, Pusheen is not a real cat. Instead, she comes in the form of a popular animated web comic. The web comic series was launched in 2010, and you can currently follow all of Pusheen’s adventures on her official website, which previously started out as a Tumblr blog.

If you’re already pretty active on Tumblr, you may have already seen GIFs or web comics of Pusheen show up in your feed, reblogged by users you follow. New Pusheen comic posts are updated several times a month on the website.

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