Fallout 4 Preview

Fallout 4 concept art
Fallout 4 concept. Bethesda

We're huge fans of Bethesda's Fallout games on Xbox 360, so easily the most anticipated game at E3 2015 was Fallout 4, announced for Xbox One. Here are 11 reasons why:

  • It's a huge game world to explore that is the most dense world Bethesda has ever made.  What does "dense" mean?  It means there's going to be lots of interesting stuff all over the place instead of long stretches of boring and nothingness.
  • Great character creation.  Let's face it, the characters in Skyrim and Fallout 3 / New Vegas look ugly as heck and you didn't really have a ton of options.  Fallout 4 gives you almost unlimited ways to mold your character to look however you want it to.  And the new and improved graphics mean they won't look like they got beaten with a radroach leg.
  • You get an awesome dog.  Dogs have been done in other games before, Fable 3 and previous Fallout games, for example, but they've always been kind of dumb and not terribly useful.  Dogmeat in Fallout 4 is actually smart and well animated and helpful.  Plus it can't die.  There will be other companions too, but Dogmeat is special. 
  • Garbage items will actually be useful.  Remember in Morrowind and Oblivion and Skyrim and Fallout where the worlds were filled with a bazillion items to pick up, but 99% of them are totally worthless?  In Fallout 4, all of those garbage items can be broken down into components that you'll use to build new items and upgrades.  Everyone kind of rolls their eyes when every new game has to have some sort of crafting system, but it actually makes a lot of sense in Fallout.  You're in a destroyed wasteland, of course you should be scavenging and trying to build and rebuild and make your life better with the stuff you find. 
  • Customize everything!  You can take all of those scavenged items and junk and turn them into new upgrades and weapons.  You can go crazy and make custom weapons to your heart's content.  You can make a full set of customized power armor.  You can even build your own house (yay, no more living in terrible garbage pre-made houses that suck and don't make sense).  You can even build your own settlements to attract other people to live and work with you to try to make the wasteland a better place.
  • Massively improved combat.  Combat was pretty poor in Fallout 3, got better in New Vegas, and is actually fun in Fallout 4 thanks to Bethesda borrowing some ideas and tech from id Software (they do own them, after all).  Aiming down the sights or even shooting in third-person feels great this time around.  You can also use VATS, just like previous games too, if you want.
  • Similar to New Vegas, Fallout 4 has areas of the map with higher level and more powerful enemies that you won't be able to safely navigate early on.  The enemies won't scale with you, they'll have a set range of levels from the start depending on what part of the map they're on. 
  • Control your Pip Boy with your phone or tablet.  Bethesda will release an app that will let you control everything in the game your Pip Boy would normally do with your mobile device.  They are even releasing a special Pip Boy edition of the game with a real full-sized pip boy that you wear on your wrist and put your phone into to use it like a "real" one.  You'll still be able to use the app without the plastic Pip Boy accessory, of course.
  • A deeper story with more choice.  The strength of New Vegas was a well written story with multiple paths and choices you had to make as the player.  Fallout 4 continues that with even more choices and options on how to make your way through the game.  The game also features a new mission structure where failing one part of something won't result in you failing the whole mission.  The mission will just change and adapt around what you do. 
  • Mods!  Mods have been a huge part of the Bethesda game experience on PC, and now many of those player created mods will also be available on Xbox One.  There's a vetting process and some things won't be possible (like nudity / sex mods or licensed character skins), but things like new weapons, new building types / materials, new missions, new stories, and all sorts of other cool stuff are all possible (here's hoping for a corgi skin for Dogmeat ...).  And it'll all be free.
  • Better graphics.  Dynamic weather.  Better lighting.  Better physics.  More colors than FO3 and NV.  Basically, the environment looks loads better.

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