Fallout 4 DLC News

Fallout 4 DLC #1

After a successful launch of the base game in November 2015, Bethesda turned its attention to the DLC that will be added to the game in 2016.  If you bought the season pass for the game prior to March 1, 2016, it only cost you $30.  If you didn't buy it before then, however, the price has been raised to $50.  All DLC will be available to purchase separately a la' carte, but you save money (even at $50) by buying the season pass.

It is important to note that these are only the first officially announced DLC and they are not necessarily the only DLC that will be released. 

DLC #1 - Automatron

The first DLC called "Automatron" will release in March 2016 and cost $10.  An antagonist called The Mechanist (the same one from Fallout 3?) has unleashed a horde of robots across the Commonwealth.  You can hunt down these robots and scavenge their parts and build your own customized robot companions.  You'll have hundreds of pieces to choose from for limbs, armor, abilities, weapons, colors, and even voices.  Sounds like a lot of fun to us!

DLC #2 - Wasteland Workshop

The second DLC will hit in April 2016.  It is called "Wasteland Workshop" and will cost $5.  This DLC sounds a bit like PokeMon as it will allow you to set traps and capture wasteland creatures (or raiders ...) and then tame them and have them fight for you.  Having a pet Deathclaw sounds cool, right?  This DLC will also add some new design options for settlements like letter kits, tube lighting, taxidermy (!?!) and more.

DLC #3 - Far Harbor

The third announced DLC will release in May 2016 for $25.  It is called "Far Harbor" and features a new case for you and Nick Valentine to solve that takes you to a brand new area off the coast of Maine at the island of Far Harbor.  There is a much higher concentration of radiation here, so the creatures are even more feral and wild and tough than you're used to.  Bethesda promises that Far Harbor is the largest landmass for DLC they have ever done.  It will also add new faction quests, settlements, armor, weapons, and more.  This is beefy DLC that sounds like it warrants the high price tag.

Creation Kit & Official Mods

Bethesda also revealed that the Fallout 4 Creation Kit will be released on PC in April and likely in May on Xbox One, and June on PlayStation 4.  This free creation kit will allow users access to the same toolkit Bethesda used to create the game, which will let you create your own custom ... everything.  At least that's how it'll work for PC players.  On consoles the creation kit is mostly just there to open up the addition of mods for the game, but we still don't know what actual creation options it might include.

Bottom Line

We will update this article with full details and impressions of all of the DLC as well as the creation kit as they are released.  We really loved Fallout 4 (see our full Fallout 4 review) and even included it in our Top 10 Xbox One Games of 2015, so to say we're looking forward to the DLC is an understatement.  Bethesda's DLC track record is a little spotty, though, as some have been fantastic (Point Lookout for Fallout 3 and Old World Blues in Fallout New Vegas come to mind) while others haven't been so good (horse armor in Oblivion, most stuff in Skyrim, Operation Anchorage in Fallout 3).  We're still optimistic here, though.