Fallout 3 Cheats for PC: All Perk Codes

Use these perk codes with the player.addperk cheat for Fallout 3 on PC

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There are hundreds of cheats for Fallout 3 on PC. For example, the player.addperk cheat instantly activates any perk in the game provided you know the perk code.

These cheats apply exclusively to the PC version of Fallout 3.

How to Enter Perk Cheats for Fallout 3

Press the tilde key (~) to display the cheat console, then type player.addperk followed by the perk code and press Enter. For example, to activate the Black Widow perk, enter:

player.addperk 00094EB8

There are also item codes for Fallout 3 that you can use with the player.additem cheat to get any item when you need it.

Perk Codes for Fallout 3

Use these codes with the player.addperk cheat.

Perk ID Code
Admantium Skeleton 00094EC4
Action Boy 00031DBA
Action Girl 0007B202
Animal Friend 00031DB5
Better Criticals 00031DBB
Black Widow 00094EB8
Bloody Mess 00094EBA
Cannibal 00094EBC
Chemist 0009982D
Chem Resistant 00099827
Child at Heart 00003142
Commando 00099828
Comprehension 00031DE1
Computer Wiz 00031DC4
Concentrated Fire 00044CAF
Contract Killer 00044CA8
Cyborg 00044CAB
Daddy's Boy 00044948
Daddy's Girl 00069310
Demolition Expert 00031DAB
Dream Crusher 00030FEB
Educated 00031DD8
Explorer 00031DE5
Entomologist 00031DD9
Fast Metabolism 00094EBF
Finesse 00094EC1
Fortune Finder 00031DE3
Grim Reaper Spirit 00099834
Gun Nut 0004494E
Gunslinger 00094EBB
Hematophage 00003131
Here and Now 00031DAC
Impartial Meditation 00044CAD
Infiltrator 00044CB0
Intense Training 00044CB1
Iron Fist 00031DDB
Lady Killer 00094EB9
Law Bringer 00044CAC
Lead Belly 00044CA9
Light Step 00031DB7
Life Giver 00031DB1
Little Leaguer 00014B97
Master Trader 00031DB8
Mister Sandman 00031DAD
Mysterious Stranger 00031DBC
Nerd Rage 00044CA7
Night Person 00094EBD
Ninja 00031DCC
Paralyzing Palm 00044CAA
Power Armor Training 00058FDF
PyroManiac 00031DB2
Rad Resistance 00031DA9
Robotics Expert 00031DC2
Scoundrel 00044CA6
Scrounger 00031DAA
Silent Running 00031DB3
Size Matters 0009982E
Sniper 00031DB4
Solar Powered 00031DC5
Strong Back 00031DDE
Swift Learner 00031DD3
Tag 00031DBD
Thief 00031DD6
Toughness 00031DE0
Well Rested 00061822

Quest Perk Codes for Fallout 3

Perk ID Code
Ant Sight 000C1A6C
Ant Strength 000C1A6B
Barkskin 00035E04
Rad Regeneration 0003066B
Wired Reflexes 00024D5C