Fallout 3 Achievements Guide: Bobblehead Locations

Find all the bobbleheads in Fallout 3 to unlock the Vault-Tec CEO achievement

Fallout 3 scene
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Fallout 3 — a role-playing video game developed by Bethesda in 2008 — offers many cheat codes and guides to help you navigate this complicated game. 

AX.Vault-Tec C.E.O.

There are 20 Bobbleheads. Only two can be missed and you can't return to them. The first one is in Vault 101; before you leave the vault, grab it off your dad's desk. The second is at Raven Rock. It is on Level 2 in Colonel Autumn's office on the table. You only have one chance to get that one.

The other bobbleheads are scattered throughout the game.

Stat Bobbleheads

  • Strength: Megaton — Lucas Simms House
  • Perception: Republic of Dave — Museum of Dave
  • Endurance: Deathclaw Sanctuary — Near entrance
  • Charisma: Vault 108 — Cloning labs, room with many beds
  • Intelligence: Rivet City — Science labs, on table
  • Agility: Greener Pastures Disposal — Office.
  • Luck: Arlington Cemetery North — Arlington House, basement

Skill Bobbleheads

  • Barter: Evergreen Mills — Market Bazaar, very back on shelf near to Smiling Jack
  • Big Guns: Fort Constantine — CO Quarters in basement
  • Energy Weapons: Raven Rock — Colonel Autumn's office
  • Explosives: WKML Broadcast Station — Sealed cistern, sewer manhole behind station, tucked in some rocks
  • Lockpick: Bethesda Ruins — Bethesda Offices East
  • Medicine: Vault 101 — Dad's Desk, grab before taking GOAT
  • Melee: Dunwich Building — Virulent Chamber, center of room near exit
  • Repair: Arefu — Evan King's house, requires lockpick skill 50
  • Science: Vault 106 — Living Quarters, on a shelf, easternmost room
  • Small Guns: National Guard Depot — Armory; you must activate the switch after going through the offices to access the armory
  • Sneak: Yao Guai Tunnels — Yao Guai Den, near the big pool of water
  • Speech: Paradise Falls — Eulogy's Pad, table next to terminal
  • Unarmed: Rockopolis — Next to Argyle's body

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